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I am looking for any type of Precedent regarding visitation as described below.

My CO is in Massachusetts. My CO says 4 weeks in the summer. However, it does not say 4 continuous weeks. The Parent Coordinator would only allow me two consecutive weeks despite the fact I live over 700 miles away from my son and cannot afford two 2 week visits.

I am searching for an case or law history (especially in Massachusetts) that would set precedence for me to have my son for 4 consecutive weeks.

The Facts

1) My son is 5 years old.
2) I visited him every other weekend from 9 months (when his mother left) until he was about 2 and 1/2. I then moved (temp move - will be moving back    in 2-3 years) and have visited him every 4-5 weeks for 5-7 days up until March of 2011 when my $ ran out.
3) We talk 3 times a week and have frequent web-visits.
4) He has been to my house 2 times for about 7-8 days.
5) CO says 4 weeks in summer.
6) Parent coordinator said not 4 consecutive weeks until he is MUCH older, he said like age 11.??? This same Parent coordinator changed web visits from    2 per week (what CO said) to at least 1 ?? Why I have no idea other than he does most (not everything) that my son's mother asks.

Some Facts I have found:

States of Minnesota and Indiana allow for 4 week visits by law, once a child reaches age 5. I believe it is Indiana that also says at least 1/2 the summer if non-cust. parent lives greater than 200 miles away.

If you have any other information I would greatly appreciate it, all I want is to be able to visit my son.

Thank you very much.

Visitation Issues / Visitation - Summer Break - CO
« on: Jun 07, 2011, 03:13:08 PM »
Try and make a long story short. I live in Ohio, my son (he'll be 5 on June 13th) lives in Massachusetts. We are very close. When I was still in Mass. I saw him every other weekend. Then when I moved to Ohio (~2 years ago) I have seen him and average of 5-6 days a 4-6 weeks, but usually in one long visit. I now have no income and have not been able to afford to see my son since the 1st week in March (when the judge did NOT lower my child support because 1) he thinks I should use my 401(k) 2) I did not supply enough evidence that I had no income other than a note from my former payor that I was no longer getting paid as of Feb 15, 2011???

I am going back for court June 23 - my last bid of savings was for this trip. My current girlfriend suggests that I bring my son back to Ohio for 4 weeks, and she will pay for costs to bring my son back to Mass. I have brought my son to Ohio 3 times, each visit for about 7-9 days. My court order states I get my son for 4 weeks during summer break. This is really his first summer break since he just completed his first full year of school. So I ask my son's mother and she says, "no way" not even 10 days?? I go to parent coordinator he says 2 weeks maximum because the CO does not say 4 consecutive weeks. I tell him I can only afford to do this trip ONE time this summer. I had done some research and 2 states laws (SD & IN) both children over 5 to spend at least 4 weeks with the non-custodial parent - especially if they live more than 200 miles from their child's home. Oh and my son badly wants to come out here again but he is only 5 and has no say which makes some sense but he shouldn't be totally discounted - he's asking to visit his Dad no eat a bag of M&M's. Oh and I had a full "back-up"plan - i.e. if William should any signs of really wanting to go home than that would happen. I've paid child support for 4.5 years - even before there was a court order - I was doing so voluntarily - so if I can enough about him to do that then, yes I will bring him home if he clearly wants to go home.

Any suggestions, or like seeming everything regarding my son am I SOL again.

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