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She might be referring to your county court online justice system website.  They [the county clerk's office] posts anything that has been filed in the clerk's office related to your case: filings, hearing dates, or any other information related to your case under the party names on the website.  The website will also show if the other party had filed something as well.

In Georgia, even if you signed that birth certificate you will still have to go through the legitimization process.  After you file the legitimazation paper work in the court county clerk's office you can have the other parent served by the county sheriff or you can hire a process server.   Yes, you can request Joint Legal and Joint Physical Custody eventhough you don't see it an an option; you can request the Joint Physical custody when you work out the parenting plan in court or mediation.  If you expect the other parent to put up a fight gather all of your evidence about everything you have done with and for your child and be ready to present it if you need to. 
Also familiarize yourself with the GA statutes.
Best of luck to you.

I also live in GA.  You can do this pro se.  First step, is you need to legitamize your son.  Once you do that then you and the other parent will get a court date to establish a parenting plan/custody and child support.  This should be a fairly easy provided that there are no under lying issues or several skeletons in either person's closet and you can work out an agreement.  I would say also find a free consultation or pay a nominal consultation fee and speak with an attorney.
I am not a lawyer and I don't play one on the internet.   This not legal advice.

General Issues / Re: Sad tonight...
« on: Jun 17, 2011, 07:01:49 AM »
I am very new here but I wanted to say that your situation is almost exactly like mine.  Our children seem to be very close in age and I too thought the very same thing that after awhile things would settle down after we went to court and we can just get along.  Nope.  The child's father was always filing something or threatening me to agree or he would take me back to court again.  Last year the NCP filed again and the judge dismissed his action.  My attorney explained to me that he is the type of individual that will argue and litigate every single thing and unfortunately that is the way it is going to be until the child reaches legal age. 

I also went low contact and yes that did ratch up the "crazy" or engagement from the other side.  Eventually, the engagement sub-sided after it was apparent that I was not going engage him any further and stuck only to the facts/issues that related to the child.  Don't get me wrong the what I call "crazy" emails still came just not as often.  I currently have a good news/bad news situation.  My situation has escalated to more court dates.  The good news is that because of the false allegations of the NCP.  A GAL has been assigned to investigate the matter.  Now an outside individual, the GAL has seen in their words the "acriminious tone" of the numerous emails and has met (i.e. read if you know what I mean) the other parent.  This is the best thing that could have happened in my opinion because I could not state all of the emails and stories in court the court doesn't care about all of that and there's no time for it.  Now, the bad news is that there is outside individual looking into my affairs but this is not bad at all because I have nothing to hide and some one can see the situation and the type of individual that I have been dealing with for the past couple of years.   

The NCP is now on his best behavior.  I don't know if this will change after the hearing but at least he is aware that court is also looking at him too.  If he thinks about reverting back to his old ways he may think twice about it.

I know how you feel.  I can totally sympthasize and empathize with what you going through and having to deal with.  What really makes me sad sometimes is that the NCP would use the child to seek revenge.  Like you I try to shield the child as much as possible and realize that no matter what I have to be the bigger parent/person and remember that the child loves both of her parents.   Don't worry about malicious litigation because as the GAL told me that it is going to get to a point where the Judge has had it up to here.

General Issues / Re: GAL Report
« on: Jun 15, 2011, 06:10:32 PM »
In March, I filed a contempt petition against the other parent for items that were supposed to have been done in our original CO.  In retailation, the other parent made false allegations child abuse and neglect, denial of visitation and wants a change of custody.  Every dirty trick that CP's usually the mother do to NCP's in custody battles - the NCP, the father, is doing to me in my current situation.  The GAL was assigned and found no merit to the allegations of abuse or denial of visitation. 
As I stated in another post the NCP is a high conflict personality.  The GAL also went on to state that despite the numerous NCP emails were acrimonious, came across as elitist and legally threatening [to take away custody] that this was all a communication issue.  I personally disagreed (I did not voice my opinion to GAL when we spoke today). I send the NCP certified registered letters w/ return receipt requested and he refuses delivery.  He will not answer the phone.  So, the only form of communication is email and in return he sends those acrimonious hostile emails.  The GAL also told the NCP that he needed to tone down the emails and not to do some of the other things that he was doing. 
This is entire ordeal is so taxing and frustrating.   

General Issues / GAL Report
« on: Jun 15, 2011, 04:19:46 PM »
Does anyone know once the GAL is finished with the investigation do both parents get a copy ofthe report and each parent's completed questionaire?  Both parents are pro se. 

Visitation Issues / Re: Summer schedule conflict
« on: Jun 12, 2011, 04:18:58 PM »
Thanks, Oceans.  But the deadline for the summer camp registration was March 30th.  The summer camp cannot switch weeks.  The summer camp staffs the weeks and makes plans based on the number of kids who sign up.  I still asked the Director if it would be possible to switch and she told me "No." because the weeks are full.   
No, he cannot prove the he sent something in February. 
I do use bcc all of email communication to him using whoreadme.com
I am dealing with a high conflict personality.  So, I have learned to cover all my bases because the truth has a tendency to get twisted.
I do agree pick and chose your battles. 
UPDATE:  Potential conflict crisis avoided.  Surprisingly, the child's father agreed to stick the summer schedule. 

Visitation Issues / Summer schedule conflict
« on: Jun 12, 2011, 02:05:10 PM »
Greetings!  I am looking for some advice.  I am the custodial parent of a 3yr. old.  The child’s father and I have a CO in place since ’08.  The CO states that each parent is granted 6 weeks of summer vacation.  The non-custodial parent will select the weeks of summer vacation by March 1st so that each parent will have ample time to make summer camp and child care arrangements.  This year the child’s father did not send the weeks he selected for the summer by the March 1st deadline.  I think that he forgot to send the schedule.  After not receiving anything by March 15th, I selected the weeks for summer camp for the child and notified and sent the father the schedule via email.  The schedule was 2 consecutive weeks at a time for parent.  The child would spend the first 2 weeks with the father beginning June 6th.

The child’s father is claiming that he mailed (via the postal service) the summer schedule back in February, which I know that he did not. The child’s father wants to change schedule that I sent to alternating weeks.  I have planned the entire summer vacation as a well as my vacation from work based upon the schedule that I sent.  The child’s father is saying that he will bring the child back today instead of keeping through the following weekend. 

We currently have a contempt case pending and we are awaiting the investigative report from the GAL.  Once the GAL finishes the report I do not know how long it will take before we can see the judge?  I would like to try and resolve this matter about the summer schedule as soon as possible. I sent an email and left a voicemail message to ask if the child’s father if he please will follow the current summer schedule.  If the child’s father decided not to follow the summer schedule and returns the child early does anyone have any advice on what to do about the summer vacation schedule before go before the judge?  I have made alternate arrangements for the child for the upcoming week.

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