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He had been out of the house since January 2010, she would not let him "take" her EVER. So he did have a few visits in the mothers home between 1/2010 and 6/2010. After 4 months of repeated attempts to see his daughter he filed for divorce in the hopes of getting a court order.

Does that clear it up?? I did say ALMOST 2 years..
Father's Issues / Alienated Father Needs Help.
Jan 27, 2012, 05:58:00 AM
I am writing anyone and everyone I can who is an advocate for Alienated Fathers. My future, JT has been alienated from his daughter, MT. Dr. J. Michael Bone and Dr. Robert Evans are working on our case with Cordell and Cordell in Tampa FL. James has not seen his daughter in almost 2 years. We have all the evidence we need. Even a social investigation that states that this is a clear case of alienation. We are over 30 thousand dollars in to this custody battle that should come to some conclusion in February, as that is when the trial is set. We are financially exhausted. We have nothing left. Our retirements are empty. We have borrowed THOUSANDS from our parents. I am having a hard time understanding why, when we have a court ordered Social Investigation that states the child is basically being mentally abused by her mother who does not have the means to care for her (She has not had a job in 10 years, supported herself on frivolous lawsuits) , that we are having to PAY someone to protect her!!

JT filed for divorce in 10/2010, She filed a restraining order with 36 hand written pages of alligations, we were told that it would be handled in family court as part of the divorce proceedings. JT was even accused of violating it once. We recived the socila investigation which clearly paints the picture of a mentally ill woman so she did not attempt to extend the injunction...cause A YEAR LATER he is still not divorced nor has he seen his daughter. The judge ordered SUpervised visitations almost a year AFTER the last time he had seen MT, and they let her refuse. I don't understand how CPS came to our house and questioned James about something the mother reported 2 years after it supposedly happened, but we have a report that says she her mother is brainwashing her and CPS isn't envolved at all?!!?!!?!!? 

Are there any charities, organizations, dads groups or anything that could help us with our financial burdens... We do not know where we will get the money to continue and we fear that MT will never have a chance to be "normal" if we don't intercede and yet, it all comes down to the almighty dollar...