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Dec 10, 2023, 07:41:46 PM

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urgent please read.

Started by John-J-Jay, Jun 18, 2007, 12:41:41 PM

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Instead of agonizing over each and every step of the way as you seem to be doing, just listen to your attorney. And stop trying to second guess what your ex will do. You do the right thing and what she does won't matter.

And get on with your life. You've been told repeatedly that the odds are very slim that you will lose anything here. So live your life and enjoy instead of spending it worrying about all the bad things that could possibly happen.



Sometimes Ihtink those of us who have lived thru contentious custody situation have our very own brand of PTSD!  Sorry you are going hru all of htis.  Ihave been a NCM mom for seven of the last nine years.  I lived for years worring and wondering what my X was up to, what he'd to next, how to counter his moves.  I gave up seeing my children this past April.  The situation had just gotten too overwhelming for everyone concened- most importantly the children.  You would be absolutely amazed at how much clamer life is right no for me, my second husband who had become the focal point of X's constant false allegations, and for my two younger kids.  My older two, the noncustodial one, are still miserable.  That hurts- but you know what?  They were miserable before.  The only difference is that now they can hopefully get a clearer understanding of where, exactly thier misery is coming from.

But I sertainly can emtathize with where you are right now- worrying and wondering.  Best of luck to you- no matter when the hearing ends up taking place.


I would suggest that you get some counseling. You're still letting your ex control your life to the point where you go into a panic every time she sneezes. I'll repeat - it's time to get on with your life and enjoy your child(ren). STOP LETTING YOUR EX RUN YOUR LIFE.



If you have that much trust in the bible, then stop being so paranoid. How many threads have you started over your concerns that you might lose your kids? 10? 20? Maybe 30?

While your faith is a good thing, I would encourage you to get some counseling beyond that. There are plenty of Christian counselors who will base their counseling on Bibllcal teaching and who will help you get over your paranoia. The way you're living (based on the fear that you continually show in your incessant "what do I do - my ex is trying to take my kdis away" threads) isn't doing you (or, presumably, your kids) any good.