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Child Support Issues / Do different states have different ages??...
« on: Jun 05, 2005, 11:06:49 AM »
 As to when child support stops, and under what circumstances?  Just wondering, because I've heard so many differnt thoughts on this. Wondering if anyone knows a site I can find this??

Dear Socrateaser / RE: court reports and sharing
« on: Feb 04, 2007, 07:47:15 AM »
Thank you very, very much. You've helped me immensely!

Dear Socrateaser / RE: court reports and sharing
« on: Feb 03, 2007, 10:29:49 AM »
THe allegations were for abuse. All  was unfounded,(approx 6 months of investigations) and was NOT the judges basis for the custody change. I HAVE decided  in my research now, that a GAL is warranted. Our child wants to be heard... My preference is that an actual attorney or social worker be used.  I do know we will be going to mediation(for venue change) in about 6 weeks.

 As for the ridicule issues,  the child is the source, so obviously I don't want to drag him through the mess with that info.  (asking for it to not be done, is probably all I can do, so thank you)

1. Is there anything I can do to *try* to keep those past ALLEGATIONS from  coming back? Is it something TO be concerned about since it was all unfounded?

2. Can I request a GAL on my own before we ever get to court(once we have a date) and how? Can I request it at mediation since ex will know what we are there for?


3. can I/ should I hire an attorney to represent the child, with the understanding that it's my money, but I know its not an attorney to represent me?

... and thank you... for  sharing your wisdom..

Dear Socrateaser / court reports and sharing
« on: Feb 01, 2007, 11:06:20 AM »
 The GAL was involved in my original case. THere are reports  obviously.  Much of what was in those reports has been openly used around and against the child as punishment ,entertainment(at get togethers). I know they have the right to tell anyone they want, but it IS detrimental to the child to have these accusations  used as leverage for behavior,  to attempt to instill fear (which it has not) etc..

Also, I am refiling for custody and major reasons for change have more than been met.  I am willing to request,  hire, and pay for the GAL if it would be wise, in order to save time  waiting for one to be appointed.

1 Do  you have any thoughts  on the allegations that are in those reports, and the new case(all allegations, nothing founded) and how I should handle them?. If they are "unfounded allegations" do they hold any merit now?

2. Due to the fact there was a GAL last time, should there be one this time(and can/how I request this on my own?)

3. How do I bring up the issues about the information in those reports and  request that it not be shared with or around the child.(both parties)

4. If I make requests of the court about these reports, should I do it on the same paperwork as filing for custody, or a different order?

 thank you.

Dear Socrateaser / RE: Correct order to file documents
« on: Jan 30, 2007, 07:24:33 AM »
Thank you.

1. shall I file to  move venue orfile the motion to amend the custody agreement first?Same time?

Dear Socrateaser / Correct order to file documents
« on: Jan 29, 2007, 02:23:01 PM »
The case is in VA. Father has custody.

All orders were entered in town A(original as well as  subsequent)
Mother lives in town B and Father lives in town C. Neither party lived in town A at time of  custody change

Due to circumstances, I am filing a motion to regain full custody of the child.  However, I am not sure which action to take first.

1.. Do I request transfer of the case FIRST or do I open a case at the new locality FIRST(in order to get a court date to ask for the transfer)?
2. Can you please tell me if this is all considered a "motion to amend"?

thank you.

Dear Socrateaser / Subj: Guarantor of medical bills
« on: Oct 29, 2004, 07:54:44 PM »
Hello Soc, I'm posting this for a friend of mine. I'd appreciate your help.

DH is and has always been CP. BM has never paid CS. Working arrangement has been DH pays expenses SD incurs here and BM pays expenses incurred at her house (excepting regularly scheduled activities that would normally occur on CP's time). All parties have resided in Maryland since the original CO.

The CO covers only that BM will not pay CS and DH will have full custody and the standard visitation schedule.
Here is the issue:

BM took child, on her time, to an urgent care facility. The majority of the bill was paid thru insurance on SD that the stepmom provides thru her job. BM(NCP) did not pay the copay at time of service. BM did not provide her personal info. BM did sign the forms. BM did put DH down as guarantor of the bill.

 Now, the hospital is billing the CP for the charges.

1. Can the urgent care facility hold DH legally responsible for the charges , since the CO never addressed medical bills?

2. What are the legalities on HER signing HIS name to these documents?Is this even a concern?

Thanks Soc, I really appreciate it

   I am in VA.Father has custody. I have standard visitation and once a week call(specific night/time). (To be fair, I say "supposed" because I never got anything, but I'm not saying they werent mailed)

  For the last two weeks, ( this makes I believe 7 times total in less than 6 months), I've been unable to contact my son by phone. The line rings busy for hours. I've taken measures to be sure that it isnt a technical error.

  I talk to dad tonight, and he claims that I should call on various cell #s until I get them, cell numbers he claims to have sent in "all of my letters, and I have copies and documentation". Well, I have never received any mail from him, and certainly nothing certified. I'd CERTAINLY like to know what is within these letters, because  I feel its my right.

 I politely told him that if he wants me to call him on any other number, he needs to supply it to me via certified mail, as well as any future mailings.

 Soc, I dont want to waste my life away on this, or your time.

1. He is in contempt, but at what point should I file charges?

2. He claims to have sent other letters to me, which I HONESTLY have not recieved but feel the need to know about now, What course of action should I take with this?

3. What is your suggestion(s) for telling him that I want all mail certified, and I will do the same, and valid reasoning?

 Thank you kindly soc, please settle my aching heart.

  I have a 5yr old daughter, and we all( she , I and her dad) live in VA. No custody nor support order as we've always chosen to get along.

Recently the school(when enrolling her) suggested that we have custody legalized, and dad  seems to have run with it.

 We went to mediataion, and they  couldnt help us, but dad admitted to wanting a "trump card", just  a BIT more power but would not agree to specific  time agreements/arrangements as he wants ME to be flexible. He claims he should have this (or "more custody") because

* he has a college degree and makes more money.

*That I am divorced, and he is single and would NEVER get divorced if he got married. T

*That he has held the same job for 12 years, and lived in the same place as long, whereas I just bought a new home.

*that he has her MORE time because she sometimes stays with his parents( one night-ish a week) and that that is an EXTENSION of him.

 as of now, the mediation is on hold, with him deciding what he wants to do( file for custody or drop it and do without, which is what was suggested)

My questions are:
1. How does one show the important of positive change in their life(divorce and remarriage)
2.  DO the courts see his parents and extention of him with regards to time?
3. He  claims that me being a SAHM is not a good thing for his daughter to see, why??

Dear Socrateaser / Joint physical/legal custody
« on: Jun 04, 2004, 02:09:36 PM »
 We are IN VA. There is no court order, as we have always chosen to get along.(no relationship case)

 Our daughter is getting ready to start school. He wants her to go to school from his addy. ( I  can agree due to driving issues unrelated)I have always claimed her on taxes( until starting 2005 because of his income, agreed)

 He was told by the school that we need an order, and I am leary., that we have joint custody but him physical custody, so she can go to school from his house.  WE have agreed to 50/50 across the board( meaning legal and physical He was told by the school that he MIGHT should have physical with me liberal visitation) That we should do this because we have different last names.(?) I do NOT agree to give him sole Phys custody.

As we are GOING TO THE SCHOOL TOGETHER to register her, as a "team"

 We live in the same county, but She'd go to a different school from here.

1. If we live in the same county(so we aren't trying to get her in this system from an outside county)  and we can BOTH prove residence,  then   DO we need any order?

2. IF we SHOULD have an order, then is it feasible to have joint physical /legal and different schools, but same (small) county?

3. If #2 is yes, How  should we go about enrolling her from his addy with my consent?

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