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Dear Socrateaser / Prental rights
« on: Jan 13, 2006, 11:09:55 PM »
Hello & thank you to all that take time to read this.. I am unsure of the proper board to post on & apologize if I have chosen poorly.  I am seeking some honest input &  apologize if this turns lengthy.. Please take note that although I am Female (& MOM) everything that I write is factual & accurate.
    I am seeking input in regards to terminating the rights of my childs father. Here is my story.........

     I am a Mom of a "Pre-teen"  (I prefer not to disclose the gender & age of child at this time for the sake of protection) I will now refer to the child as "K"...  

      K has not had any contact with father in 9 or so yrs,  We were never married & the relationship was one of physical abuse directed at me. The abuse was extreme & I was not his 1st, 2nd, but his third documented victim of abuse. We were together for 3yrs, 2 ½ were spent with my trying to get away. During out time together father was arrested at least 4times for DV. Although RO were ordered I am ashamed to admit that he was never convicted. Once due to my stupidity believing he would change........  The rest dropped because of his threats & my fears for the life of my children & myself...  
   (Being stalked & forced into your abusers car while he holds up his newly acquired handgun ((357)) ( his relative traded for something) will do wonders!!!   In fact, my sudden "amnesia" caused the Judge to threaten me with contempt. I found out that day that the person that claimed to love me & would do anything to keep me, was on probation for beating his ex-wife & faced 5yrs Prison time...  Sadly.... That was only the First time I attempted to leave him............
   I will now ""Fast Forward"" in order to keep this brief....  I finally was able to get away from K's father while he was still in diapers....  This man did continue to stalk me for almost a year after I left, traveling 100 mi to do so....   He attempted to run me off the road by car, (documented by Sherrif Dept)  Kidnaped me several times from work, (Also documented & witnessed by LE & employers)  Planned to take my life in a manner that someone in his circle of friends got away with. This hinged upon a camping trip that I refused to participate in &  once again I hid from him..  "too long & complicated to post"
   During the time I was running from K's Father, I was blessed to find an incredible man who not only loved my children but was able to Telerate my situation & help shield me from the abuse of K's father.  He took us in knowing that every day with us during that time needed to be on the lookout & fear of K's father showing up with deadly intent...

    The states attorney was involved, & I was actually told that my hesitation to prosecute K's father because of fear would hurt everyone.. I understand now that he was right....  Because of my fear, I live in fear of the possibility of K's Father showing up at my door...  

    The last contact K had with father was around 9yrs ago.   That contact could be considered some type of kidnaping case. K's father took my child & hid....    back then the laws were diffent & DV & RO's were not taken as seriously as they are today.. LE would not help me get K back as no "official Court doc was in place & never married meant no legal custody" the Legal hands were tied....   I was lucky enough to find that my child was left with the fathers Mother & I left work to go get K with my SO. That was the last contact.....   9yrs ago.......

    I must add that K's father has more children.... 2 of one gender which he has contact with & supports....  (they are of high school age & 1 has graduated) His first is if the same gender as K & I the oldest, (not a child of 2nd wife) & has never had any contact with during childs life...  

   My question is this............    Is there any reason K's fathers rights should Not be terminated????  

Father's Issues / mistoffolees
« on: Jan 16, 2008, 11:53:34 PM »
I have no idea who peed on your Cherios.

I also have less of an idea why you seem to have so much time to post.

If you are unable to find a better post to hijack, please Post or send me your Telephone # in a pm.  

I would LOVE to discuss and debate your thoughts in in person.

Assuming you are unable, unwilling or just plain refuse to do so...

Please KNOCK the Stupid SHIT OFF!

If you have nothing better to do but deflect people from reading the

Well....  I suggest you take a closer look at yourself..  

If I didn't know better.......
I might think you are my Bitter EX that is irritated after accidently looking in the Mirror.

 You seem to have some issues you wish to discuss.

Perhaps you should try starting your own post?

Hijack another post  and you might not like the result.

 "NOT your Bitter (everyone's) EX..

Father's Issues / So Tired "debate"
« on: Jan 15, 2008, 11:23:19 PM »
 I am not sure why my post became some twisted debate over "stupid shit"

 The only thing I can think to say is this....

Love your Child More Than You Hate The Other Parent..

If You Can Read This..... Do yourself and your Child a Favor...

Let your child Grow and allow them to Thrive!

Just because A Woman might have POPPED Them Out Of Her *****.

Or A Man may have provided some *****

Do You Really Think This Creates Ownership??

I could care less what anyone that seeks out

Regardless of how A child was concieved,  
No person should claim "Ownership"

Disregard my last post and consider this if you can..

As a PARENT, I have only 1 Job.
To raise the child I was blessed with.
And ensure that they become a Productive And Respected ADULT.  

You Know What???  
This Can't be DONE  unless someone STOPS
 thinking about themself...  
 (Or something like that)

If anyone has taken the time to read this far.......

Go into your childs room, make sure that the blanket is covering them the way they like it...

If you are unable to do this,
Do you know what to do when your child is with you??  

If Not...   It is not the (***** Parent) fault....
It is not bacause the ***** refused to allow your time.

It Might be....  That you forgot to look...

These things Happen....  
When You are Too Busy  Thinking About

Like I said,
LOVE your child more than you HATE
 the OP

It is easier to do that you think!

If you are unable to do this.....  

Please don't blame the Court...  

Did They did follow you home begging you to provide an opinion about your situation??!!


 Because we all know that you should have some!!!    
 Or at least some "Vocal Proof"

NO STOP!!!  I Can't stop the Giggles!!!
The Image of a JUDGE running down the road, robe about to trip  legs due to the crazy pace....  


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