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Father's Issues / Help for Father's Rights in Wisconsin - Desperate
« on: Aug 03, 2007, 07:59:23 PM »
Hi, I'm writing on behalf of my fiance who is at this time driving back from Wisconsin to Texas WITHOUT his daughters, instead of with them on the scheduled placement.  The girls have been victims of abuse and parental alienation for some time.  We filed a CPS report in January after his 15 yr old disclosed several violent attacks by their mother against her and her 10 year old sister, involving dragging the 10 year old by the hair up the stairs and the 15 yr old physically fighting mom off of the 10 year old.  Also an altercation where she was doing her homework at the computer and mom attacked her by grabbing her hair and punching her.  This woman has a history of drug abuse, as well.  If that weren't enough she has also repeatedly put the 10 year old in situations where she has been sexually assaulted by a cousin and uses this as punishment for the 10 year old when she misbehaves.  After daughter disclosed this to Dad 2 years ago, Dad confronted mom and trusted she had taken care of the problem and was no longer sending the child over to this cousin's house.  We found out that is not the case.  This was also reported to CPS, after consulting with 10 year old's therapist and pediatrician and being advised to report to CPS.  CPS talked to the girls at school and then at home and they were to afraid to disclose.  The day after CPS came to the house, ex-wife files a bogus restraining order to further alienate him from the children and prevent them from talking to each other.  She dropped the restraining order on her own, after admitting in court to a prior drug history and that she refuses to answer phone calls meant for him to talk with the girls over 60% of the time.  We have begun to compile a large amount of documentation, but are frustrated by lack of finances for an attorney and the blatant bias in the courts of Wisconsin against fathers.  My fiancee is a disabled vet on a tight pension and I have 2 disabled children that we also care for, which makes the finances tight.  She takes full advantage of this situation, telling the children that the money from his VA pension is "extra money from the government" and that their father does not pay child support.  3 times this summer he has worked to arrange summer "placement" (as termed in Wisconsin), and after her refusal to drive them to the airport, he finally resorted to setting a day, notifying her, and driving up to meet her at a designated point for drop off.  She did not show.  He informed the family court and showed the verification that she had received notice of the placement time, as well as the sherriff and police department.  He was given forms for contempt of court and sent on his way.  Then as he was going to get a bite to eat before driving back home, the police stopped him and told him his ex had called the police department and told them she was afraid that he was going to come take the children from the home.  They told him he could not go to the home to even see his daughters and that in Wisconsin, if he doesn't have primary placement he has to go by what she "agrees to".  He has not seen the 10 year old in a year and only got to see the 15 yr. old 3 days at Easter in the past year, at which time she made her own CPS report, which was ignored.  Does anyone out there know how we could get some help?!?!!?  It is ridiculous that Wisconsin CPS will not protect these children and that the courts sit on the sidelines while a low-income father tries to get his children in a safe place.  Since March, the 10 year old had a broken arm in 2 places, that was supposedly broken while alone at home.  Mom did not take her to the dr. for 3 days and left her by herself in pain during this time.  15 yr old has had a knee injury that is unexplained as to how it occurred ("walking downstairs and it started hurting") and could not walk on it for 5 days.  Mom only took her to the dr. 5 days after the fact when she told mom she had called dad and told him about her knee.  The medical facility that treats them is refusing to provide any further medical records without demand from an attorney, which is in violation of the divorce decree, as he has joint legal custody and the school is refusing to send records or reports so he can know how they are doing.  Please...someone out ther reading this have some answers for us!!!  We cannot afford to continue to pay money to advocacy groups that can do nothing for us but agree with our complaints.

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