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Visitation Issues / Standing up!
« on: Jan 16, 2009, 12:42:39 PM »
I am just wondering if it is my area or if all parents who have physical and legal custody of their children have to give into what the NCP wants.  I am constantly being told that the NCP has the rights and that I have to just go with the flow.  Do any other people have this same problem?

Visitation Issues / who can facilitate the pick up of the child?
« on: Dec 23, 2008, 07:37:06 PM »
The visitation schedule that was signed off on by both parties states that romantic interests and friends may not facilitate in the pick up of the child.  The judge has yet to sign off on the paper work because BF keeps switching lawyers.
Now BF has called and says his 'fiance' will be picking up the child for the next several weeks because he is having back surgery.  BF lives right beside his mother who is retired.  I said that the fiance may not pick up the child, BF said he will 'get me' for this!
Who is right?  Will we be punished for not allowing the fiance to pick up the child even though we are following the decree?
And if we bend on this then where do we draw the line?
We are not trying to be 'hard-nosed'.  We would like to work with the BF, but he has throw so many problems in our direction that it is getting difficult to be civil. 
I'm all for father's rights.  But when do mother's rights and child rights kick in?

Visitation Issues / when is the child put first?
« on: Dec 22, 2008, 11:02:41 PM »
This has been a long and grueling 2 years.  My daughter was never married, he broke up when she became pregnant.  For 9 months he went back and forth declaring the child was his to the child wasn't his.  When the baby was 1 month old dad filed for full custody and full name change.  During the first year that was changed to visitation and wanting our family name off the birth certificate.  The court ruled to keep the baby's name unchanged. 
Although my daughter is honoring standard visitation, the courts have not signed off on it because dad keeps throwing in demands or changing lawyers.  He is not paying child support and is fighting against what DHS says he will owe.
My concern is how my grand-daughter is faring during her overnight weekends with dad.  We've told him several times that she is lactose intolerant yet he continues to give her milk and milk products.  We know this because at 2 she has begun asking for ice cream and has blistering diarreah every Monday after a visitation.
My daughter only allows my grand-d sweets on rare occasions and in modaration.  However, now grand-d is coming home asking for candy and soda.  Dad refuses to stick to any bed time and does not give her naps so that by the time we pick her up on Sunday nights she is exhausted and cranky.  We have to spend the next day or two detoxing her and dealing with a worn out cranky child who has had an obvious sugar overload.
The lawyer says we can't do anything about it, it's his parenting style.  When does it become what's in the best interest of the child?  Why do we have to suffer and watch the baby suffer because dad is still in the 'I'm gonna get you' frame of mind?
We have tried to talk to dad about this several times, but he walks away saying he's raised 2 kids.
Can anyone tell us what to do?  we are at our wits end.

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