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Visitation Issues / overnights
« on: Sep 05, 2011, 01:04:24 PM »
since I have last posted my husband and I have relocated to be near his daughter he now has overnights bmom is not complying and is withholding overnights because she doesn't want to share, what should my husband do?

Second Families / extra curriculars
« on: Aug 06, 2011, 07:41:09 AM »
My dh's ex girlfriend (they have a 14 yr old together) called up my dh demanding that he has to pay for sd cheerleading tuition. DH politely declined it is not written in the co that he has to pay for ec's also he is also paying a very good amount in cs. He is paying 1300 a month. Bmom also stated that she thinks we should pay for the whole thing. Bmom pretty much lives off of cs. She is also complaining that my daughter is doing cheerleading too, and my son is doing baseball but I am paying for them, she is pretty much saying if dh cannot pay I should pay for her daughters cheering.

Visitation Issues / bmom wants to cut visitation short
« on: Aug 06, 2011, 07:36:06 AM »
my dh has his daughter every summer all summer and every other holiday for visitation. We have long distance visitation, bmom and sd live in fl and we live in ca. Bmom called my dh telling him that he needs to send her back early since she planned a vacation, dh said no, what do you all think?

Second Families / clothes shopping
« on: Aug 06, 2011, 07:17:34 AM »
My dh is paying for his daughters back to school wardrobe. Bmom is insisting that she be given the money and can take sd shopping, my dh told her no because if he is paying for the clothes he should be able to take her shopping what do you all think?

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