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Visitation Issues / Domestic situation...
« on: Nov 06, 2017, 08:06:55 PM »
Background:  Two granddaughters (7 yo and 4 yo), my step-daughter is mom.  Mom & dad were together for 6 years, during which dad was abusive to mom.  Two years ago (Oct 2015), dad moved new gf in and kicked mom and girls out.  March 2016, dad called mom to come discuss their relationship (2am Sunday morning) and he beat her so badly in his apartment stairwell that she had a concussion and still suffers the after effects of the head injuries via sinus issues, etc. and flashbacks every once in a while (all that she is willing to admit).  He was convicted of felony domestic assault and is on probation for 4 more years.  Judge wanted OFP on girls and mom, but mom said let the girls see him unsupervised. 

Mom and new gf did child exchanges e/o weekend and every Wed eve, plus standard rotating holidays.  If gf was not home, dad would cancel the time or send them home early.  Dad and gf now have a 1 yo daughter. 

Current situation:  Dad and gf just broke up.  A week ago yesterday on his Sunday, gf and dad got in a fight and gf locked herself in the bathroom to get away from him.  He tore the door apart with his bare hands to get to her.  He told the girls that gf did not love them and that their dd was not the girls' sister and they would never see either gf or their dd again.  He was also pushing older granddaughter around.  Younger granddaughter was in the corner crying because gf didn't love her and why not because granddaughter loved gf.  Then dad told girls not to ever tell what happened or they wouldn't get to see him ever again.

Four days later, we get all these details.  The girls told a very little bit, but gf called us and told us she was going to police to file reports and court to get OFP because she is afraid of dad - he abused her throughout relationship too and was force to lie to the police about what had happened to my step-daughter.

No court order for custody or parenting time is in place.  My step-daughter just put a schedule together and has stuck to it.  Now she is scared that dad may hurt the girls if he gets mad enough and the girls are noticeably emotionally upset and are seriously acting out since that weekend.  I don't think that the girls are safe with him anymore - and I was always the one advocating for him to have unsupervised time.  Plus we just found out that HIS mom's bf beat her up recently too and there is an OFP and a pending felony domestic (2nd one) there too and she & her bf are violating the OFP.

Advice?  What does my step-daughter do now?  We have no doubts that what the gf and the girls said is true - it is his method of operation, but she doesn't know how to handle parenting time now and I don't know how to advise her either.  Help!

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