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Hope the meeting went well.

I wish I could have made it. As in all other states we here in the great state of NH need Child Support (read hidden x spouse support) reform. These biased laws are drivng a bunch of Dads to the poverty line and beyond.

Please post how the meeting went.

Child Support Issues / RE: Questions for change?
« on: Oct 03, 2008, 11:04:21 AM »
The formula needs to be changed to an expensed baseed formula. Along with this we need some kind a accounting of the CS dollars.

These two things would eliminate the sudo ADULT support that so many of our CS dollars go towards.

I for one am sick and tired of supporting an 45 year old ex wife that chosses to sit on her fat ass all day and watch Jerry while eating her Bon-Bons!

Then having to go out a buy my Child the stuff that she needs that should have been pruchased with the CS that I pay.

Less than 3 years and I will be done!

Child Support Issues / RE: I agree with some of the other posters
« on: Sep 11, 2008, 08:12:54 AM »
Your only 20 so I am assuming your kids are very young. So I have to say get used to playing this Fing game and be prepared to pay this x and maybe your current GF (at some point) a good chunk of your hard earned money also be prepared to get no accounting of said funds. Being less than 10K inarears you probley wont go to jail YET.

Whatever happens stick to your guns with regards to seeing your kids remember that CS and your Parenting time are NOT linked and never let anyone tell you different!

As a kid I would spend a lot of time up around Brooksville hunting. I lived down in San Antonio in Pasco county.

>for child neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a
>minor.  Are the two kids in high school? Or is one in middle
>school and one in high school? That makes a difference, too.
>This kid already sealed his fate.  If your daughter carries
>the pregnancy to term, and she decides to keep the child, he
>will owe child support until he is 35 years old. How's that
>for a punishment? And just think, he gets to deal with your ex
>wife, too.
>I have a 19 year old that married his 16 year old girlfriend.
>She is due in July. I feel your pain.

"child neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a
>minor. "

Intersting!! I am going to look into this. They are both in the same school but there is a 3 year difference in the ages by a few weeks. In my state a 3 year difference is the "key" for a child under 16.

I just cant believe this! She is only 14 years old a baby her self! This is a huge tragedy for her and she does not even understand this.

Child Support Issues / Pregnant child?
« on: May 06, 2008, 10:38:10 AM »
It seems that my 14 year old child is pregnant.

I am obligated to provide insuance and cover 1/2 of any uncovered medical expence.

My X  along with the parents of the boy have been acomplises in what I consider the statutory rape of my daughter by condoning and permitting her relationship with a 17YO boy by way of permitting him to stay at her home, allowing my child to go to his home etc etc etc. All of this against my urging to not permitt this relationship.

I will be contacting the cops with regards to this boy. My daughter may hate me for it but I think that will pass.

Do I have an argument that my X by her actions is solely responcible for the upcoming uncovered medical expensenes? Then what about my minor daughters child, who is responcible for this child.

Child Support Issues / RE: An intresting and informative read
« on: Nov 09, 2007, 01:37:30 PM »
What a piece of work Sunshine!

Child Support Issues / RE: An intresting and informative read
« on: Nov 09, 2007, 10:03:07 AM »
Good read. Sunshine should give it a whirl.

Child Support Issues / RE: Hey misty...
« on: Nov 07, 2007, 07:13:49 AM »
Of course the CS system works great just as designed!!

The STATE takes the money I work hard to earn directly out of my biweekly pay check and deposits said money into a STATE held bank account (%25 of my hard earned money). At this point MY hard earned money is out of my hands, not at my disposal but at the STATES.
At this point the STATE will recieve a certain amount of FEDERAL money for taking my hard earned money and depositing it into a STATE held bank account. Of note, I also pay (though my FEDERAL taxes) the FEDERAL monies that the STATE will recieve. At this point, the STATE is earning dollars from MY money .

At this point said monies will sit in said STATE held bank account for 2-5 days all the while earning interest for the STATE. I do not recieve any credit whatsoever for the interest funds that MY money is earning for the STATE. At this point, the STATE is earning FREE dollars from MY money.

At this point the STATE will cut a check against MY hard earned money and send it to another ADULT to spend in whatever way said ADULT chooses. Said ADULT does not have to account for any amount of said funds. The ADULT can support my child with said funds or the ADULT can spend the funds on bon-bons, cars, pets, porn, dope, other kids that are not MINE, can stash it away, ETC ETC ETC!! At this point the ADULT has been given free money.

Now this is the jurney that MY hard earned money takes though the "child support" system into another ADULTS hands.

I earn my money, I pay taxes on my money, my money is taken by the state, the state earns thier money off of my money, my money is given to another adult to spend how she pleases.

So sure the system works just dandy as designed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take note the CHILD is only metioned once in this jurney.

Child Support Issues / RE: Tax deduction
« on: Nov 06, 2007, 12:59:03 PM »
Unfurtunetly I do need her to sign the form because our decree does state a condition that must be net for me to claim said child. IE: being current on support. Here are the relivent instructions for this form. I am thinking I could take her to small claims and demonstrate the amount of my taxes without claiming the child and what the taxes would have been had the CP signed the form like she is sopposed to do and sue her for the difference.

Post-1984 decree or agreement. If the
divorce decree or separation agreement
went into effect after 1984, the
noncustodial parent can attach certain
pages from the decree or agreement
instead of Form 8332. To be able to do
this, the decree or agreement must state
all three of the following.
1. The noncustodial parent can claim
the child as a dependent without regard
to any condition (such as payment of
2. The other parent will not claim the
child as a dependent.
3. The years for which the claim is
The noncustodial parent must attach
all of the following pages from the
decree or agreement.
c Cover page (include the other parent’s
SSN on that page).
c The pages that include all of the
information identified in (1) through (3)
c Signature page with the other parent’s
signature and date of agreement.

Child Support Issues / Tax deduction
« on: Nov 06, 2007, 08:51:54 AM »
What recourse do we have if CP refuses to sign IRS form#8332?

Decree says I get the deduction on odd years if support is current as of 12/15 of said odd year. In the past there where some small arears on 12/15 so this issue has not been raised before.

This year support is and will be current on 12/15 but I am almost sure CP will not sign the form.

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