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OK - so i dont understand that you have a court date in December????? It's only April. That is NOT the way NJ schedules their CS hearings. They are usually 3 - 4 weeks out. Many questions for ya. And - yeah - i am NOT going to deadbeat dad you ....however, you must answer honestly or I won't have any answers for you. Believe ME when I tell you BTDT...you can ask anyone on this board my integrity / knowledge of the newfuC*yahnewjersey type courts.
What does the mom do for work?
Just what IS your income? And, if you pay health insurance, that is supposed to be calculated in the *cost* of the CS order. BUT, have you ckd NH laws / or YOUR health insurance for children that live out of state from YOU? ie: we live in NV and NJ has the court case. NV says NO NO NO NO NO way is a parent to provide health insurance for a kid that is not visiting / or living with the NCP. So, the X egg donor had to provide insurance.
Provide more factual information to provide real answers.
The *3* year cola is going to take place. Your egg donor doesn't have to ask for it. NJ does it all on their own. So, what was the CS order prior to the COLA?

Child Support Issues / There would have to already
« on: Dec 14, 2005, 12:46:40 PM »
have an order to lien against taking your tax refunds. AND..you have to be over 30 days delinquent, AND over 5K in arrears for a tax lien to be filed.
the csru and your employer are ONLY required to deduct the monies according to YOUR pay periods.

I would just say screw it and move on. they just love busting the balls of people that try hard~

Child Support Issues / You are such an ASS .....
« on: Nov 01, 2005, 05:06:10 PM »
you claim that censorship might take place HERE?
you are a doopeyeaish (sp?)

sure, sure you put that CP to task....you are so shortsided, that it aiint the CP you demand to task....it's the FAMILY COURT..... sure sure you claim you have been successful at prose  representation but, yet you clearly cannot speak in law legaleeze if it saved your life.

I have talked to and been friends w/ CinB for about 10 years now.....her ????? to YOU are logical and warranted.

why don't you post just what NOTICES of motion you have won?

Let's ask this: just how many copies of a notice of motion are *you* required to file when filing such notices? And, how are you to mail them?

Let's just see how YOU really know how to handle yourself in family court?
That is basic family court 101......how many copies?

boards and bitching at people and complaining that people aren't answering your questions in the manner you demand. Or if they ask a question, you are complaining it's none of their business or has nothing to do with they reply they may give.

Act that way in front a judge and see how quick you get shot down.

So, why haven't you gone over and asked SOC the legal questions you want to have answers to.???? HMMM?????

did not have Mr. Jola's better interest at hand or future.....

And cause NJ says so.....

Makes me PEWK! Just pewk cinB

didn't do the right thing that is for sure! We are getting our crap together to snap another one off the payroll though. Another 23 year *adult Child* (jola pewking) gets snapped off!


read all the *rules* of his posts though otherwise, he won't answer you. He is very smart

I don't think you have a chance in any family court of a judge just erasing arrearages. Hell, we had / have a 10K error in the CP's favor and will never get it straightened out and now she has gotten a large amount of money due to our refinancing of our house.

It's all pretty sucky but, it's reality

Child Support Issues / Well, then tough crap, you made the wrong
« on: Jan 04, 2005, 12:16:26 PM »
choice w/ your mortgage and that is your and your NEW hubbies fault, take the hit and deal with it...


YOU chose to make your mortgage DOUBLE of the normal mortgage and you want someone else to pick up the mistake..? oh geez, give me a break!

youda thought a  christian fairing woman woulda picked something more respectible to be called. But, ya call em like ya sees em missy!

I VOTE...hell yeah, he should get the deduction.

I must say it was refreshing to read some of the CP's opinions of you and the raising of support for the reasons you stated.

and, pay for you own dang lawyer...you hired em, you pay em....

Child Support Issues / OH OH and another idea....
« on: Nov 15, 2004, 06:46:20 AM »
is that IF he has to pay the half that the order states then, HIS income should be included in the Family contribution portion of the college expenses that way, the ADULT child will be forced and approved to take out um......SCHOOL LOANS for the EDUCATION they are choosing to undertake! sheesh that just makes my damn blood boil!

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