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The LG will report to judge and if it is a trial get to ask mom and dad questions for the child. (It is a lawyer for the child). This is paid for by the state.

Is this true in Maryland? I thought most states have the parents split the cost?

no its not true. If you request the judge order counciling and a GAL, you wwill have to pay for it.  You can request the judge order that the costs be split, but in my experience it will depend on the county.  If the judges finds tha the child should stay wehere she is, its likely you could pay all costs, including moms legal fees. 

I would also suggest you not encourage the child to call you mom.  You are encouraging her alienation from your mother,when you and dad should just try to found out whats causeing her frustration.  Ive found that most kids tend to get to a point where they start choosing.  Unfortunately kids dont get to choose. If mom is found to be a fit parent and not causeing the childs distres, then there would not be a change in custody. 

I know this is old but , there are websites on line where, for a nominal fee, a search can be performed for the current and past employment of anywone.  Mom could have used that method, or hired a PI

Child Support Issues / Sources for Searching employment status
« on: Mar 09, 2009, 09:32:09 AM »
is there some kind of search to see if a payor is employed by using their social security number?  If so, Does CSE or courts do this kind of search or can it be done by a background?

Child Support Issues / Would it be wise to call ex's payroll dept?
« on: Jan 05, 2009, 11:43:10 AM »
my ex hasnt paid CS since in accorance with the order when it was signed.  Its now Jan and payments via wage garnishment were suppose to start three months ago. I went to see a lawyer who gives free advise and he told me I can call the ex's job to see if tthe proper dept recevied the order.  Regardless, CSE has it that they were properly served.   

I called his job and they gave me the contact info for the payroll dept.  I want to call and find out what is the hold up since they were served teh wage holding order?  Would it be wise to call and just ask if they have it and how long it will be before they start garnishing?

the second order was sent ebecause teh judge issued another order for the back CS.  this was not to modify the first order, but just for him to pay an additional amount.  But CSE seaid that the 6 week wait period had to start all over again because anotehr order was issues.  Makes no since to me that state law says after the witholding order is recevid, the next paycheck must be garnished and the money must be sent in 7 days. 

Child Support Issues / Re: NCP ordered to NOT pay CS!
« on: Dec 23, 2008, 12:12:48 PM »
you need to look up the guidelines for  nevada and see if they deviate from the guidelines and if so, what for.

It seems as if it is taking forever for the state CS enforcement toget the ball rolling.  They have sent a second work order to the employer ans still nothing.  Would it be a good idea to call the ex's payroll dept to see what the matter is?  Whats the recourse if they are allowing so much time and letting the employer take there time in doing what they want, which is not honoring the wage garnishment order.  Am I supposed to wait in CSE to do something or can I file a show cause or contempt on my own?

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