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Dear Socrateaser / No CS Order
« on: Apr 15, 2005, 06:01:12 AM »
Hi Soc,

My custody order took place in Montgomery Co., MD back in Sept 1998.  I was given residential custody and the father and I share joint legal custody.  Father has been sending $275 a month mostly every month.  I am in the process of buying a house through a special program for low-income individuals and they needed a copy of my support order.  I call the attorney I had and he didn't have a copy of the order so I called the court clerk and according to her, there was NO support order filed.

1.  Do I have any recourse against my attorney?

2.  I did file a case through CSE, but received a notice from them that they were closing the case because it was "Not in the best interest of the child"..does this sound right?

3.  Any suggestions you could make?


Father's Issues / Another Father prevails!!!...m
« on: Jul 31, 2008, 09:04:54 AM »
One of my co-workers and her fiance' were going through a nasty custody battle with a totally insane BM.

This mother (and it's very difficult for me to call her that), married someone off the internet from a different state.  She thought she would marry this guy, pack up the kids and move in with him.  Told the kids they were moving and that this guy will be their new Daddy.  Needless to say that didn't sit well with the children's father so he filed to stop her!

That's when crap literally hit the fan!  This BM lost it completely, threatened that she was going to kill herself and the kids.  My co-worker being a mandatory reporter (police officer) of course reported that. Social Services got involved, a GAL was appointed and this case dragged on for over a year.  It would take days to go into all the weird and sick crap this BM pulled...the worst thing is that she would watch Porn with the kids in the room with her!!!

The final trial was this week and the judge was astonished at the crap that went on with this case!!  The BM somehow got a detective to smear my co-worker and now that detective is under an internal review.  It also appears that the BM has bilked the state for benefits she wasn't entitled to (Day care vouchers, food stamps, electrical assistance, etc) all with having over $34K in the bank!!!  She was caught several times on the stand in blatent LIES!!!  I guess the judge went off on her and she didn't say a word!!!

So the judge did the right thing and awarded my co-worker's Fiance' (CWF) with SOLE custody!!!  BM told the judge flat out that she's moving to the state with the new hubby so the judge ordered her to pay transportation...she's not going to be able to afford it because their are 3 kids involved all under the age of 7!!  Oh and get this...after the trial, she went up to CWF and said "I'll be coming up here to visit the children" so CWF said fine with him and then BM asked where should she stay and indicated that she wanted to stay with him.  CWF said NO WAY and told her that was her problem!!

Chalk another case up to what was in the best interest of the children!!!  CWF is a very DEVOTED father and has been since day one of the kids lives!!  I'm very happy for them!!!

Court upholds jury award in international custody battle

ANNAPOLIS (AP) — Maryland’s highest court has upheld a $3 million dollar jury award in favor of an Anne Arundel County man whose two sons were illegally taken out of the country by his ex-wife and mother-in-law.

The Court of Appeals upheld Michael Shannon’s right to seek civil damages and denied claims by Nermeen Khalifa Shannon and her mother, Afaf Khalifa, that the award was excessive.

The court opinion says the women knowingly deprived Shannon of the love and comfort of his two children.

The boys were taken to Egypt nearly seven years ago, when one was 4 and the other was less than a year old. They are believed to be living in Cairo.

Father's Issues / Frustrating situation...m
« on: Feb 06, 2008, 09:51:17 AM »
I have a co-worker that is going through a huge custody mess that just keeps dragging on due to the Mother not complying with the orders and a court that in my opinion isn't taking this situation seriously!!

A bit of back ground:  The couple divorced in 06 and they have 3 children.  They have joint custody and the reason the custody suit came about (father wants full custody) is because of possible sexual abuse and the Mother wanting to move the children to FL.  All parties are currently in MD.

The father started suspecting sexual abuse because the younger children were exibiting sexual behavior more than that of just child curiosity.  He has since learned that the children have been exposed to pornographic movies that they have watched in the presence of their Mother.  The children often describe what takes place during those movies and have stated that the mother "rubs my pee pee" while watching them.

Social services has been called, a GAL has been assigned and is aware that this is taking place but NOTHING is being done!!!  There was a court date this past Monday which was continued because the mother hasn't complied with the order for mediation and to meet with the GAL.  The new court date is in May, yet the mother keeps telling the children they are moving at the end of the month.

We all know damn well that if the roles were reversed and the Mother suspected the father of this abuse, that the kids would be ripped out of there in a heartbeat and the father thrown in jail...so WHY is it dragging when the roles are reversed?

I suggested to my co-worker to stop playing around with the court and go to the news...these kids are being sexually abused and the courts don't seem to give a rats ass!!!

Is there anything else they can do to get this case moving along?  It's been going on for over a YEAR!!!

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