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Father's Issues / Who taught you math?????
« on: Dec 31, 2004, 08:55:31 AM »
>> Statistically, it's been shown time and time again that men commit 28% more violent acts then women. That translates basically for every one violent act by women, there are 28 violent acts by men.

Gee, Catherine, where did you learn math????

Go there and demand your money back!

Just for your education:  28% more means that for every 100 violent acts by women there are 128 by men.

And please, do not mistake violent acts with domestic violence. As all
independent research shows, DV is committed by women as much as by men. And that is when men are willing to admit that they are a victim. The real numbers we will never know.


Father's Issues / Lance Armstrong to lose 6th Tour De France title?
« on: Aug 12, 2004, 10:06:41 AM »
Lance Armstrong may lose his 6th Tour De France title, after evidence has been found that he used 3 substances, illegal in France.

Tooth paste, deodorant, and soap...

He is also being accused of having body parts in his possession that are also illegal in France; a spine, and balls...

Father's Issues / Here's another one: Curves (a women only gym) eom
« on: Apr 30, 2004, 12:59:48 PM »

Father's Issues / Set her up...
« on: Mar 05, 2004, 08:00:15 AM »
Go ahead and do the exchange at a lonely place without any witnesses - except for yourself and someone else, both hidden with a camcorder with a sensitive microphone.

When she feels secure nobody's watching and/or listening, she will show her true self, and you will have it all on tape. Especially physical assault caught on tape works wonders. Make sure he doesn't defend himself, but just runs away after the 2nd wave of attack.

Your attorney will have a ball with the tapes. Insist he asks for an expedited hearing on the criminal charges, with the tape in hand.

If he can go through it, get tapes from at least 2 of such events, that show unprovoked violence on her behalf, and she will be deported soon. Felony convictions make it impossible to obtain visa's and/or greencards, even through marriage!


Father's Issues / Internation issues
« on: Mar 05, 2004, 05:44:16 AM »
Having been in a somewhat similar situation, I feel a little torn in my reaction.

I firmly believe that equally shared physical custody (like on a week-to-week basis) is in the best interest of any child UNDER THE CONDITION that both parents cooperate in a friendly manner, AND live very close to each other.

Just from your feelings I understand you want her deported as soon as possible. I carried the same feelings, but never followed through on them.

As long as she is a witness in a criminal investigation she will not be deported. Keep in mind however; IF she ends up with custody, and then gets deported, your child is gone too.

Father's Issues / Anybody wondering why I'm worried?
« on: Feb 09, 2004, 05:53:16 AM »
I go to the same courthouse, and have the same judge (there is only 1 female judge in Cherokee County).

Father's Issues / RE: Oh give me a freakin' break!
« on: Jan 23, 2004, 02:12:54 PM »
No,  a counselor would not do that.

However, a counselor is a neutral party who is trained to hold up a mirror and show him his behavior.

This, in combination with consequences at home (and yes, if it has to be, put him over your knee) will straighten him out, IF it's not too late.


Father's Issues / I totally disagree
« on: Jan 23, 2004, 02:08:47 PM »
When I was a kid, I got spanked at least once a week.
Did I think it was unfair? Hell yes!
Did I deserve it? Hell yes!

And what's the result?
I finished college, I have high morals and values, All people who know me speak highly of me, and my son is always well behaved. And when he's not, usually just a change of tone of my voice will set him straight. If it doesn't, he'll get his spanking. But that happens maybe twice a year.

OK, using a belt, wooden spoon, or who knows what else, I don't agree with that.

But there is a very fine line between respect and fear. Sometimes you create respect, sometimes you create fear.

And cleaning up after the children? Hell no! He gets 2 warnings to clean it up himself, after that, it goes into the dumpster. No replacement.
Life is not fair. Get used to it.


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