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1) In a joint parenting plan (50/50), does the non-residential school parent have the right to enroll his/her child in school sponsored activities? (It would be for a ski club, and there were some medical release forms, that actually may need both parent signatures)

2.) If the activity only falls upon the non-residential parents parenting time, and does not affect the other parents schedule?

3.) If the residential parent objects, will the school back out?

School activities notice:
Excepting as specifically modified or otherwise limited by court order, and subject to ORC section 3319.321(F), the parent who is not the residential parent, is entitled to access, under the same terms and conditions as the residential parent, to  any student activity that is related to the child and to which the residential parent of the child legally is provided access. Any school employee or official who knowingly fails to comply with this order is in contempt of court.

Custody Issues / Enrolling in school sponsored activities
« on: Sep 16, 2004, 11:52:47 AM »
Ohio, Joint 50/50 custody plan. It is written that child shares residences but mother was designated residental parent for school placement purposes only.

My question is this.

Can the father (with supossed equal rights to parent his child) also enroll his daughter in school-sponsored activities despite the fact that the mother is the "main" parent to the school/district? Or is he at the mercy of the BM to enroll?

Also the enrollment papers ask for the childs address, can he list the fathers or is that petty, and confusing? Even tho she lives in both homes equally.

Custody Issues / Dr. Phil
« on: Sep 13, 2004, 06:55:27 AM »
   Custody Battles
We've seen it in the headlines and in our own families: innocent children being caught in the crossfire of bitter custody battles. One mom wants to pack up and take her kids to Alaska, but her husband says he'll fight her to the end. Also, does a parent who gives up a child then deserve to get him back? Dr. Phil steps in to help a 12-year-old boy who's caught between his grandmother who raised him and the mother who's desperate to reclaim him. Plus, model Bridget Marks shares the fight of her life. Before you leave lasting scars on your children, hear what Dr. Phil has to say.

Custody Issues / RE: mediation when unreasonable?
« on: Aug 25, 2004, 07:22:32 AM »
It's Ohio (Franklin County Court).

This is not the first time they have been ordered to mediate on any given topic. Usually the mediator sits and listens and interjects nothing. (They say they are not allowed to give opinions, only to monitor the discussions.)

So it usually ends up accomplishing nothing. Never has.

We are dealing with someone (the BM) who tries to impose unreasonable things on the father, that any father would reject. She pushes it to court and the court orders mediation, and says why are you wasting my time.  My DH usually feels bad if he doesn't "give-in" to BM's ridiculous requests, but he wants to avoid having to appear in front on the judge as not willing to work together either. (He is nice guy).

But BM's requests are insane. This time DH will certainly not budge.

Actually, I wish the mediator WOULD give an opinion.

Custody Issues / mediation when unreasonable?
« on: Aug 24, 2004, 12:29:17 PM »
DH and BM were court ordered to mediation for something the BM is trying to force onto DH. DH is not agreeing to it, and the court is trying to stay out of it so they ordered mediation.

However it has been a hot topic for 2 years and neither party is going to budge mediation or not, that is why it went to court in the first place.


What happens if DH is not going to budge and neither is BM? Mediation will offer no benefit to this?

The court expressed their "disappointment" that they couldn't work out the differences.

New court date is set for November.
Will it look bad if nothing got worked out?

Custody Issues / RE: a few ideas....
« on: Jul 29, 2004, 07:11:01 AM »
If BM has tried somewhat to let her come out, can you (we did this once) put in together a temporary one year order.That will overide the exiting order. A one year relocation, with an end/expiration date.  So at teh end she has to go back with mom.

Without attorneys.

This way the SD can try out Canada life with dad, and choose at the end.

You could suspend the CS order, and even to make it nice for BM, not have her pay DH for that year. Just to show good faith.

We did this once, it was fine. BM had a job out of state for two years, we took the first year and BM took the second year. Plan expired after two years, and the old parenting plan was back in place.

DH & BM wrote and entered it into court without attorneys.

I would think the court would require mediation to finalize your plan.

Custody Issues / RE: Simply put
« on: May 13, 2004, 08:09:52 AM »
OK. If the kids are in your district, and you are doing 50/50 plan now and she is willing to sign for that. Then it might be a good idea to get that set-up in writing–leaving the support as is.  Because if you have writte nin the order "father is residential parent" you have upper hand at most things, and it will be harder for her to pull crap on you later. It's baby steps towards full custody for you someday in the future if needed.

I still wonder tho, about the child support. For now I would agree to the 50/50 your district, and let her have the support for now. Afterall, it might be cheaper then fighting. Later you could go back and re-evaluate the support order, in your favor. Go one step at a time. Just MO.'

So, good luck. I guess I would try to work it out.

Custody Issues / RE: is there a limit ?
« on: May 07, 2004, 10:55:54 AM »
We have been in 3 rounds of custody so far. Since child was age 5 and is now age 10. Yes, approx every 9 months! Each and every time the courts give us the 50/50 plan. Neither parent better then other. They aslo say it's better to settle disputes.

Well, settling is not an option with the ex. It's her way or highway.

Well I am thinking in the furture, but we know that at age 12 (in less then two years) she will have us in court yet again.

I wonder tho, don't courts have a limit to how many times they will re-open a custody case?

Custody Issues / RE: Duress
« on: May 06, 2004, 07:47:57 AM »
Is it your school district? Will the status quo be EOW in your district?? SO if you sign off on the EOW, in your district, I would think the child support would go to you. (Not that you would get ANY)

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