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Dear Socrateaser / notarized letter
« on: Sep 06, 2009, 03:43:35 PM »
can a notarized letter be used in place of a physical witness?

Dear Socrateaser / affidavit
« on: Sep 06, 2009, 12:24:42 PM »
if you fight a PPO and win based on the fact that is is lies, will the person who wrote the affidavit get in trouble for lying or will they just ignore it?

Father's Issues / lying on a PPO affidavit
« on: Sep 04, 2009, 08:35:04 PM »
My husband just won in court on August 28th to keep his children in their current school district.  My husband's schedule is Saturday 10am-2pm through Tuesday when he drops them back at mom's at about 7:30pm.  This has been their schedule for more than 4 years.  August 29th, BM would not let the children leave with him and both BM and my husband called the cops.  There is no visitation order so the cops couldnt make the kids come with my husband.  That same day BM"S husband threatened my husband and put his fist up to him without actually striking.  He has done this type of stuff in the past. 

Tuesday BM came to pick up the boys early.  My husband said no, its not time.  She told him she would hold him in contempt of court (which she cant do, no order).  Later that night my husband called her to say she could pick them up, she refused.

Wednesday we took the boys to their school;s open house.  She called and said if we arent at home at 5:15 she is calling for kidnapping.  He told her we were at the open house and it could be 5:15 or 5:45.  She got pissed and hung up.  We arrived home at 5:25, she was not there waiting.  No one would answer any of their phone numbers.  Scott called the cops to ask what he should do since he was afraid of her husband making conflict if he went over there.  The police said he has done nothing wrong and that he should not bring them over.  Finally the oldest son got a hold of BM and she said she wasnt going to pick them up.

She picked them up on Thursday morning with no incident.

Today, Friday, she has served him with a PPO.  It says stalking and that she is afraid of him.  She lies on almost every statement on this form.  Her husband also made a statement and lied too.  We can prove some of the details, she cannot prove any of them.  It is illegal to lie on an affidavit, correct?  What can we do about this?  My husband made a complaint against the husband months ago and on Wednesday when he called the police he told that officer he had been threatened.  BM and husband are saying that we are doing it.  Can we prove that she is lying?  OR that she is doing this because she is mad and trying to get back at him?

Father's Issues / new step-dad acting out
« on: Sep 01, 2009, 08:04:41 PM »
sorry, i think this is more of a rant than anything....

My husband's BM recently got married to a man she had know for less than a year.  He is not involved with the kids, he doesn't barely even know them.   The problem is, he thinks he is involved in their disputes.  First of all, she has probably never told him the truth about all the stuff she has put my husband's children through.  Now my husband and BM are in a pretty nasty dispute, she lost in court against him recently and is very pissed.  what upsets me is that BM's husband thinks this is his fight.  He gets all crazy when we pick up the kids, he has threatened my husband more than once.   I on the other hand, have been sitting by my husband's side for 4 years silently.  Of course i talk shit with my husband.  But I have NEVER in 4 years said a bad word to her to her face or over the phone.  I NEVER talk bad about her around the kids or to the kids.  I always just tell them that i want whats best for them and for them to be happy.

do we just have to deal with his ridiculous behaviour?  My husband has called the police once to make a complaint.  But technically the step-dad has never hit my husband, just threatened, and screams and calls bad names.  I think he is just trying to defend his wife's honor or something macho like that, but I think he is completely out of hand, and I do not want the kids to witness him putting his fists up at their father.  It just makes me so mad, because obviously if he is going to behave this way, he clearly doesnt care about his new step-children.....

does anyone else have to deal with this?

Visitation Issues / verbal visitation agreement compromised
« on: Sep 01, 2009, 05:35:17 PM »
My husband and his boys' BM have had a verbal visitation agreement for 4 years straight, and while they were seperated on and off  3 years before that.  It has is as follows.  Dad picks up boys between 10am and 2pm every saturday and drops boys off at about 7:30pm every Tuesday.  This has gone on without much of a hitch the entire time.  (she has called the cops twice when she was pregnant, but the cops always let the children leave with their father.)

Now she is married and has a new attitude.  She just lost in court against my husband over her trying to switch them schools for the 7th time for the 5th grader.  The court ordered the children to stay in their current school district (which is the one she put them in one year ago, about a week before she met her new husband, now she wants them where she is living for the moment).  Anyway, she got mad and wouldnt let them go with him the following Saturday.  The cops couldnt let the children go with us because they have no court document because they have always followed the verbal agreement.    So we left and she eventually dropped them off later on Saturday. 

My husband wrote up an paper for her to sign with their normal agreement.  She refused and left.  (the cops cant make them go with her from our house for the same reason they couldnt go with us)   THen she told us that they are going to file a contempt of court against my husband tomorrow.  The only problem i believe with that is that they have no paper work court papers or other that have their visitation written down.  So there fore, in my mind, he is in no violation of any court document.  Also,  the only paperwork that they have that has to do with visitation, is his order for child support which states they both have physical and legal custody and he has them for 183 nights a year and she has 182 nights.  So technically, their verbal agreement she has been getting more time.

So anyway, I am wondering if she can really get him arrested when there is no visitation paperwork?

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