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Author Topic: Dr. Jen has had a family emergency  (Read 3128 times)


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Dr. Jen has had a family emergency
« on: Aug 17, 2004, 08:44:37 AM »
I received a message from Dr. Jen yesterday. She has had a family emergency that called her out of town and has taken up all of her free time for the past few weeks. She will be back to support this board soon, but we need to be patient.

Meanwhile, I hope you will continue to support each other.

SPARC admin and leadership team members have been monitoring this board closely, but have been keeping a hands-off attitude because we really want this board to be by and for non-custodial mothers.

As moderators of all the boards, we have always preferred to err on the side of those who post, and not delete messages unless they were clearly unacceptable. Although there have been a few negative posts on this new board, I don't think they have crossed this line yet, especially since some of the responses helped to explain why this board is so necessary. We look at the whole discussion, not just the individual posts, and sometimes a few negative statements can bring a flood of positive responses.

Dr. Jen has promised to return soon. The SPARC leadership team is also considering asking other experienced NCP Moms to assist her as moderators on this board. Please be patient and continue to support one another.

TGB, SPARC Admin, and the SPARC leadership team.

Dr. Jen

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RE: Dr. Jen has had a family emergency
« Reply #1 on: Aug 24, 2004, 10:47:45 AM »
Thanks much for the notice posted about my family emergency.  I'll share more with you about it as I think it speaks to some of what many of you might be experiencing.  I can't share right this moment but will share more later tonight or tomorrow.  For now, know that the legacy of who you are and how you move through your experience of parenting (noncustodial or custodial) has the "power" to influence not only you and your children but also generations of children and parents yet to come.  There is no victory in hurt, there is only pain.

I ask each of you to search your heart and ask your/self what you want for children in the longterm that is more than what it is you want for yourself.

More to come, I promise.  

Loving and living,


Jennifer Isham, LCPC, CS, GM
Email: jennifer@momswithoutcustody.com

"The way you manage your absence in your child's life is as influential to them as how you manage your presence."


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