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Author Topic: first posting  (Read 2818 times)


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first posting
« on: Oct 06, 2007, 12:23:08 PM »
I am new to the sight.  Was on the Internet and I feel like I am at the end of the road.  I lost custody over a year ago.  Back history my ex and I divorced when my son was a year old.  My ex married the lady that he had an affair with and had no contact with my son until he as about 4 years old.  By than they have a little one.  Visitation started with some hesitiation because I lived in Michigan and my ex still lived in Texas.  I remember how my son would scream when I had to take him to the airport and he seemed so distance when he came back home.  Years passed and my son was talking about him and his little brother and what they were doing when mom and dad went to the movies.  I will admit it caught me by surprise to her him refer to someone else as mom.  I asked him how long had he been calling his stepmom, mom and he said that his dad, grandpa, and grandma told him that is what he should call her.  I called my ex the next day and told him I would appreciate him not forcing my son to call his wife mom.  Argument pursued and when his wife picked up the phone I asked her mother to mother not to force my son to call her mom.  Usually I really don't think it would have been a problem but my ex tried it with my older daughter.  He is so into what other people think and thought it wasn't a good idea for outsiders to know that my daughter wasn't his.  My son has always been a straight A student and we got along great but then my ex go a better job more money and child support was increased within this time my son started acting out in class.  I put him and counseling and tried to talk to his father about it.  I believe that was the biggest mistake because the first thing out of his mouth was he wasn't paying and increase.  To tell the truth we have never been able to talk to one another.  I still to this day can't really understand the reasoning behind losing custody.  The court order counselor that my ex has spoke to several time before our appointment stated that my son would never have a successful relationship if he continues to live with me because I have to kids by two different men.  I have tried to read up on this subject and I don't think that defines my son at all.  He is a loving sincere child that I miss with all my hear.  Present day!! I don't have caller id but me ex apparently does because he doesn't pick up my calls.  They moved to North Carolina in May of this year and although I sent letters to his old address about visitation and a new phone number.   He never replied I call the Friend of the Court and sent letters in return their lawyer sent letters to his old address and finally his lawyer, by then it was August and I didn't get my summer visitation.  I still don't have a phone number and it breaks my heart to think that my son has no reason why he hasn't heard from me.  What chances do I have if I go back to court for custody or should I even try???


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Let me give you some pointers....
« Reply #1 on: Oct 09, 2007, 01:02:11 AM »
Please keep your paragraphs short and use punctuation.  It helps to be able to read and understand.

So many questions...first of all, what does your court order say about your ex moving with the kids?  What state is this in?  What did your current order say about visitation?


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