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Author Topic: My CS Beef  (Read 5286 times)


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Questions ...
« Reply #10 on: Jan 21, 2004, 10:34:24 PM »
Were you represented by an attorney when this support order was entered?
Were you or atty aware of the guidelines for support in your state, when this was ordered?
Are you now aware of the guidelines?
Is support set at the state guideline?
Are you aware of all/any deviations for figuring income to be used?
Are you aware of all/any deviations from guidelines that can be used?
Did you or atty use every deviation possible?
Are you aware that you can modify support orders in court, with or without an atty?

If support was set properly, ain't nothing you can do about it.
Yes, it is involuntary servitude.
Yes, the system is biased and WAY too powerful.
I have been through the mill for nine yrs.
I have effected a lot of changes in my support obligation, on my own.
It still isn't fair, it still gets paid, one way or another.
Welcome to the club


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RE: My CS Beef
« Reply #11 on: Jan 22, 2004, 05:29:49 AM »
Well, I have to tell you that things aren't much different here in Canada...CS is based on GROSS income, which I'll never understand, seeing as we don't even see that money...

I live both sides of the fence and I am in a situation alot like mommy of three...I am a CP of one six year old girl and I just recently started receiving my CS again after an 8 month absense of it...it's the bare minimum..$77.00 every two weeks...it doesn't go far, but I have no desire to make him pay any more...the man has to live too.

My soon to be husband, on the other hand, pays through the nose for his three kids, and his ex is out for blood...she also wants medical expenses, educational expenses and spousal support...well, considering what he pays her in a month, medical and educational expenses should be included in the initial CS order, not extra....what the hell does the justice system want us to live on???  This woman sits at home on her ass and sends her kids to school and daycare...and wants spousal support????  She's 31 years old for cripes sakes...and not a reason in the world she can't work...

So, I have a  six year old from a previous marriage, my SO has three children (7, 5, and 3) from a previous marriage and we have one child together and another on the way (that wasn't planned)...how the hell are we supposed to support OUR children, as well as his other ones?  The system isn't fair...My SO brings home just enough money to pay our mortgage..that's IT...I try to pay the rest with my maternity leave wages...it's not fair and we are totally broke.

Just so you know, you aren't alone...by any means...


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RE: My CS Beef
« Reply #12 on: Jan 22, 2004, 11:55:02 AM »
>So then you feel my pain. This is not right and it's going to
>catch up and bite America right on the a$$. The funny thing
>about my situation is that now my ex may have to pay back
>taxes and she's being told that the IRS will garnish her child
>support if she doesn't pay by a certain time.

**That's not true.  Child support is not considered income to the obligee.  The IRS cannot garnish it.  Even if she was collecting support from one person and paying support to another person, CSE cannot garnish it.  She's blowing smoke up your behind.


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