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Author Topic: Can DH change careers?  (Read 1865 times)


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Can DH change careers?
« on: Oct 02, 2004, 04:55:40 PM »
DH has been working on a carreer change. He's passed the tests and has become a qualified applicant for a Steamfitter apprenticeship... (heating and air conditioning). For the first year he will get a drop in pay from about $15 per hour which he is making now.. to about $11 per hour. After the first year he should be back up to the $15/hour and this is pretty much guaranteed as the trade union literally has a pay schedule for all their apprentices.

He has two children and primary placement of his son. His daugher lives with his ex-wife. She is making $8/hour so at this time he is paying an offset amount to her based on his $15/hour. The offset does not fluctuate.. it is a court ordered set amount. It will still be a couple of months before he would start the apprenticeship and he was prepared to pay the offset at the same rate for the year.

His ex-wife has just told him that she's been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and she has said that she will very likely be quitting her job and going on disability.. which is going to raise that offset significantly (we think seeing as she won't be working). If this change takes place before his career change he will not be able to afford to follow his dream and become a steam fitter. He doubts that  WI CSE will allow him to drop his income (and child support) because they will say he's made a choice to do so.

Does anyone have any recommendations? He's considering quitting his job now and getting a temporary one (like at Menards) for about $11/hour so that if she does file for disability and they do adjust his offset.. it can only be at the rate he is making at that time. Not sure what to do.. any suggestions? Thanks!


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RE: Can DH change careers?
« Reply #1 on: Oct 04, 2004, 10:31:15 AM »
In Ohio if there is a 15% decrease the NCP can go back and get a review for CS.

However if she is making less because of disability this throws the whole calculation up for grabs.

Some states I understand if you have the child for 35% of the time or more your CS is weighted accordingly.  Since Mom is sick try to have the children stay with you more.  It’s a Win-Win situation.  You get more time with your children and in the future it may reduce your CS payment.  

In other words you can spend YOUR money on the children instead of the CP getting a blank check and spending the money as she wishes.  Remember there is NO accountable for how CS is spent.

Read this sites info about CS.

Good luck!!


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RE: Can DH change careers?
« Reply #2 on: Oct 05, 2004, 06:13:26 AM »
your dh can change is job, however if they may not reduce his cs is he voluntarily took a lower paying job.

You may need to struggle for the 1st year until he can get his income back up.

Lots of cp don't work, my dh's ex quit a good job to go BACK to school yet again, she has done this many time over the years and quit school too, guess she can't hack working or going to school.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**


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New Situation....
« Reply #3 on: Oct 05, 2004, 12:49:11 PM »
Ok.. we seem to have lost custody of his son.. long story posted on another board..

BM will act quickly to get full child support for both kids.. making this career change yet more difficult. Right now.. he has legal custody of son.. which is going to change SOON. Should he quit his job now.. get a temporary job paying similar to apprentice job starting salary.. so that when CS is assessed they can base it at the lower income? Or are they more likely to impute income based on what he was making before the custody change became official?

I'm wondering because he's not been paying full child support. Just an offset.


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RE: New Situation....
« Reply #4 on: Oct 05, 2004, 03:32:18 PM »
I don't remember what state you are in, but he would be running a huge risk if he quits.  I think the courts would impute his wages at what he is making now and if that will break the bank, your DH may have to hold off making the job shift.  

Sorry, I know that is not what you want to here.


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