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Author Topic: Advice on CS and what to do now.  (Read 1588 times)


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Advice on CS and what to do now.
« on: Feb 10, 2005, 01:04:56 PM »
The judge made the final deceison monday at trial to a share-parenting plan for me and my ex. I file for CS back in October and the judge ruled that it would be granted based on my filing of an exhibit C. I am confused as to what that means but when I contacted CSE they said it pretained to medical. It meant or so I am told that all my ex has to pay is my son's medical insurance. Now I am the residential parent who pays day care, therapy and everything else. I have my son on state medical assitance to pay for additional therapy because mom's insurance does not cover much.

I think my attorney screwed up because my ex's CS order is for $40.00 whichis the share she pays for medical from her employer for my son. Now, I am sefl-employed and submitted my tax returns to the courts, she submitted her w-2 and I found out that she is $5,000 less of a salary than when she started 3 years ago. She purposely has been using te system to get out of her obligation. What is really upsetting is that she just got a new car, and all her bills have been paid and are being paid by her father. I know family can do what they want but what about her getting checks from her father and depositing them and then having her attorney in court ask for a reduction in awarding CS due to her fiances? I can almost be sured that her father has gifted her over $10,000 for legal and living fees as well as the car. That will explain why she does not work as much anymore.

I have 30 days to file an appeal and my attorney sucks. He missed so much and when I brought it up, he said it will not matter. When I discussed this with CSE agency they told me that the court can determine her potential earning just by her degree from college as opposed to her current salary. Oh yea, she is a social worker that has used the system. So what can I do, or is all hope loss. And to make matters worse my flippin attorney gave her the tax deduction without telling me just to get CS...$40.00 a month compared to $700.00 a month and she gets a big deduction??? Who got shafted here???


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