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Author Topic: Daycare costs  (Read 1567 times)

Phillip Morris

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Daycare costs
« on: Apr 27, 2006, 12:22:11 PM »
Question, is paying daycare costs mandatory for the NCP in Illinois? I have head from some that it is, but looking at the child support calculators, none of the Illinois ones ask about daycare costs.  Other states do ask.

If anyone can provide a link to somewhere that I can see this in writing it would be awesome, but not necessary.  Hopefully someone will be able to help me out, I have been searching the net like crazy, but I can't seem to find an exact answer and I keep going in circles. Thanks!



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IL day care costs...
« Reply #1 on: Apr 27, 2006, 04:13:06 PM »
I know they are added on top in AL and the state set limits by geographic area.

I put IL in the subject line to my response because I believe others are here from that state and that will catch their eye.


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I'm in IL......
« Reply #2 on: Apr 28, 2006, 10:02:14 AM »
it is separate from CS.  It is usually 1/2 of costs paid.  Some have had it garnished along with CS from pay check. Others pay it themselves.

Make sure you have to be furnished with receipts before you pay your 1/2 so she can't scam you.  Try to make it so it is not garnished.

Now it is not always ordered either.  The judge in my case didn't order it b/c how can he pay if he is unemployed?  But he didn't care the he was not working by choice and hadn't been for 5 years.  He reserved it for when he does get a job then stated "but I don't know how he would be able to pay it then either along with CS and 1/2 of insurance and medical bills".  Sorry venting but I am one case where the NCP gets away with not paying or being ordered to pay stuff and I get stuck with the whole bill because of it.

So if it comes up demand that providing receipts is in the court order and you will pay your 1/2 afterwards within XX amount of days.  And make sure she has to give you the receipts in XX amount of days (i.e. 14 days) from receiving.

Any other questions?


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