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Author Topic: Illinois advice  (Read 2864 times)


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Illinois advice
« on: Aug 27, 2004, 05:44:29 PM »
Hello all,
I want to start out that I am the stepparent in this situation and support my husband(NC) on any decisions he makes.

NC is required by court order to pay for day care to the provider.
   Paragraph 3 of court order entered 10/24/04:  'The parties agree that effective for the month of August 2003 and each month through and including October 2009 or to terminate before said date if the child discontinues daycare the Defendant shall pay to the daycare provider and privide proof to Plaintiff of said payment the sum of $40.00 per month as and for his contribution to said expenses.  The Plaintiff shall pay the remaining balance of said daycare expenses.'

The question is since he is required to pay for a service, is it not his right to know when the child is cared for?

the child is in school all day and during that time the mother works, so NC has requested proof of services being provided,  the provider refuses in writing and so does the mother not in writing just tells NC that she is not providing it to him.


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RE: Illinois advice
« Reply #1 on: Sep 04, 2004, 01:12:04 PM »
I am also the stepmom. We have been paying cs in Illinois for 17 years and there is no part that is fair to men. bm can do what ever she wants with money and prove nothing. Until Illinois laws are changed, there is nothing you can do.  We just went back to court, bm asked for us to pay half of college for an out-of-state college. They live minutes from the state line so it's about a 20 minute drive and also asked for room and board. No sd has not seen or talked to her dad since she was 7 years old. We had no imput in any college decision. My husband is a college instructor and sd could have gone to his school and received free tuition. Yet, quess what the judge ruled. We are paying half of everything she wants at an out of state college.  
Be happy it's only 40.00 a month. I have seen bm's ask for private school to be paid and judges ordering it!
Good Luck.


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RE: Illinois advice
« Reply #2 on: Sep 13, 2004, 03:26:25 PM »

I wouldn't pay for it unless she provided proof of the payment...like the court order says.

the reason you probably don't know about the hours is that she doesn't want you to have more information than you need.  since you have had just gotten this order in the past year, I would phone your atty and ask him how you go about getting the accoutning of the hours that the child is there....if it's possible.


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