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Author Topic: Visitation interference?  (Read 5346 times)


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Visitation interference?
« on: Aug 27, 2006, 01:26:18 PM »
My childs mother decided to take our child out of town and be gone violating several days of my visitation.  She knew before hand that our child would miss several visitations with me.  I offered that she just compensate me the time with our child before she left.  She refused.  And left out of town with him, violating the current visitation order.  I missed a midweek visit (4 hours) and my weekend with my child (51 hours.)  Furthermore, she came back in town Saturday but still did not make my child available to me so that I might at least have the last day of my visitation with my child.  I already have 4 police documents for visitation inteference but the most recent is at least 2 and 1/2 years old.  Will the DA allow me to press charges for visitation interference based on the old ones?  or will I need current documentation for this latest instance?  I ask because the police are reluctant to get involved although they have the court order and everything


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