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Author Topic: Ahhh the confusion of custody orders!  (Read 2189 times)


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Ahhh the confusion of custody orders!
« on: Apr 08, 2004, 09:52:07 AM »
Ok, here's the situation...

I have physical custody of son and joint legal with ex.

However, he has supervised visitation due to extreme mental issues.

Our son starts kindergarten in the fall and I just received the paperwork to fill out.

It asks for Father's info, Mother's info, Step-Father's and Step-Mother's.

Yes, I will put ex's name and address on the form, but I do NOT feel that he needs to be on the "call" list.

Yes we have joint legal, but his visits are supervised once a month. (And the supervision continues until son is 18.)

Am I wrong about this one?  Can I get in trouble for not putting him on list?

I could be needlessly worrying about it.  Since son and I moved here 3 years ago, ex has NEVER asked where son went to daycare or preschool.  But I want to CMA!



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RE: Ahhh the confusion of custody orders!
« Reply #1 on: Apr 08, 2004, 11:37:32 AM »
I'd definately put his name on the paperwork if you have joint legal custody. You could get yourself into trouble down the road if you do not.  Very rarely do the schools call the NCP anyhow, normally the CP is their contact. So, I don't think you would have anything to worry about there.  Good Luck.


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RE: Ahhh the confusion of custody orders!
« Reply #2 on: Apr 08, 2004, 05:52:16 PM »
We have this problem.  Our forms say the exact same thing.  We definatley do NOT want the BM/NCP to be called and she pick them up and not us.  We do fill her name in though because if she were to find out we didn't she would make it an issue.  For the emergency contact I always put grandma or me because I am able to find DH faster than she ever would.  The school ....to my knowledge... has never called BM/NCP for any of the children, they have simply kept them until we were reached.  LOL

On our forms I always put behind my DH name CUSTODIAL PARENT also.  It is very rare for a Dad to have custody around here so we make it VERY crystal clear that they live with us.

Hope this helps. :)


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