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Author Topic: Minnesotans - A MUST READ - Important FREE invitation from CPR!  (Read 2359 times)


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 Center for Parental Responsibility (CPR)
General Monthly Meeting (FREE educational meeting/no charge)
_________________________________________________ _______________________________
Email: info@cpr-mn.org (email best way to contact CPR)      CPR Voicemail box: 651/490-9277      
Website: cpr-mn.org
The CPR Vision Statement: A non-profit research, education, advocacy, and support organization dedicated to conserving family autonomy, encouraging responsibility, and preserving the constitutionally protected liberty interests of both parents to safeguard their children’s welfare.

CPR Monthly General Public Meeting Notice
Sunday November 21, 2004 at 5:00 p.m. – 8 p.m.

GUEST SPEAKER: Mindy Mitnick, Custody Evaluator, presentation begins promptly at 5:30 p.m.

TOPIC: “How to Survive Your Custody Evaluation,
and ensure a positive result for your children.”

·      Defining a custody evaluator: What is an evaluator/What to expect from your evaluator/Responsibility of an evaluator/Private vs County evaluator (pros and cons)
·      Requirements/Standards: what are the professional standards or rules of evidence for an evaluator
·      Objectivity: How does a custody evaluator ensure objectivity and not interpose their personal world beliefs /What are signs of bias
·      Supreme Court Parental Guide to Child Focused Visitation and Parenting Plan Decisions: adherence and limitations - review ahead of time: http://www.courts.state.mn.us/documents/CIO/pubsAndReports/PARENTING_TIME_PAMPHLET.pdf
·      Identification, impact, recovery of false allegations of abuse
·      Bonding: Overnights with both parents for young children – beliefs, premise, research
·      Deprivation: Move away’s – how are they in the best interest of children – best arguments or research against move-away’s, that a court will respect
·      Deprivation: Parental Alienation Syndrome
·      Joint physical custody: positive impact, limitations, challenges, schedules that work/don’t work
·      Best interest of children: How does an evaluator arrive at a determination as to whether or not  a parent is focused on the best interest of your child(ren) … what concrete thoughts does an evaluator have and what facts does an evaluator seek evidence for to determine the support of the 13 criteria
·      How does an evaluator sort through the he-said/she-said conflicts of a typical custody battle
·      How binding is a custody evaluators final report – legal process after the custody evaluation has been completed
·      Recommendations: Specific steps a parent can take to ensure they keep the best interest of their child top-of-mind … what parents do that upset custody evaluators … how to make the custody evaluators job easier
·      Why the double standard: when determining custody the first time, endangerment is not the standard, but when changing custody, the legal requirement is endangerment …  CHIPS cases given a second chance
·      Importance of custody determination in the temporary hearing
·      Suggested Reading/References: Significant research and resources available
Speaker BIO: Mindy Mitnick is an evaluator, therapist, and parenting consultant. She is one of the most renowned custody evaluators in the state of Minnesota. She has earned the complete respect of judges and lawyers statewide, and is frequently called upon as an expert in the field. She is well recognized for her ability to sort through the most complex cases. Mindy is a Licensed Psychologist. She received a Master of Education from Harvard University. She has spoke to national organizations.

Meeting Date:
Sunday November 21, 2004 (third Sunday of every month)
Who is Invited: YOU!
Meetings are free; open to the public; anyone interested in understanding family law and family law reform is invited to attend; CPR promotes responsible parenting, and we focus on the unique needs and perspective of the non-custodial parent, as these parents try to remove the obstacles that prevent them from being equally involved in the lives of their children. Free-will offering accepted at the meeting to help defray expenses.

Please forward this information and bring others with you who are interested in family law reform.

Meeting Time:
4:30 p.m.                                doors open
4:30 – 5:15                            set up - networking – help yourself to the food table (add your treats)
5:15-5:30                                Meeting begins with welcome and announcements
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm                   PROGRAM – attendees, see website for Rules of Engagement, http://www.cpr-mn.org/Documents/CPR%20Monthly%20Meeting%20-%20Rules%20of%20Engagement.htm
Presentation: Honored guest speaker from 5:30-6/6:15pm
Q & A Period: from 6:15-7pm
7:00-7:15pm                  BREAK
7:15-8:00 pm                   JOINT PHYSICAL CUSTODY update and/or Title IV-D discussion regarding minimizing or eliminating the unnecessary government intrusion into private family matters … how to get involved, legislative update, etc

Meeting Location: William Mitchell College of Law (875 Summit Ave.) in St Paul, MN 55105. Directions: Hwy 94 to Dale (just west of the downtown St. Paul exits). Take Dale, South to Summit. Take a right on Summit. Drive west on Summit to Victoria, take a right on Victoria. The William Mitchell building is on the NW corner of Victoria and Summit - lots of free parking available on the street. Parking lot reserved for students, but often available on Sunday nights. No charge for the William Mitchell parking lot or on the street. Use the entrance in the parking lot where you see the flagpole; you will then be directed to the auditorium meeting room #245. Don’t hesitate, it’s easy to find!

FREE POP, FOOD AND SNACKS ARE PROVIDED. Remember, what ever little food/candy item you can add to the food table is appreciated by all since we meet during the dinner hour.

If you are a non-custodial parent (mother or father) involved in a divorce or paternity action (child support, visitation, parenting time, child support), or if you are a second spouse, friend, family member, isolated grandparent, or associate who expect fair and equitable outcomes for parents and children; if you want to take responsibility and preserve the parent-child relationships, or if you simply want to get involved and make a difference in reforming Minnesota Family Law, please attend this meeting and learn how to navigate “the system” and join the organized team of equally concerned and dedicated citizens. REFORM WILL NOT OCCUR WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT.

Bring someone with you!

We'll continue to talk about what needs to get done and discuss solutions. Please attend and get involved.
For the sake of our children’s future we must stop alienating one parent to benefit the other.

Your input is always welcome! Your suggestions are appreciated!
Your willingness to take action and do something is needed!
CPR can help give you ideas of what can be done to make a difference! Attend the meetings to meet other people who have been through what you are going through  - they can provide you ideas to help you prevent mistakes and learn how to win your battle.

We are happy to provide you ongoing updates and reminders. We hope this is helpful to you.
If this information is not of interest to you, let us know if you want to be removed from this list.

(their well-being in the present and the future), and
because non-custodial parents are often prevented from being fully involved,
attend and find out what can be done to increase your influence as a parent,
no matter what stage of divorce/paternity case you are in.
Bring your questions to ask the EXPERT for advice!
Get answers to questions you have always wondered.
Great opportunity to ask an expert how YOU can impact change for the sake of your children.




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