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Author Topic: Handcuffs- child abuse?  (Read 2594 times)


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Handcuffs- child abuse?
« on: Feb 01, 2005, 10:55:39 PM »
I cannot believe it but I think bm got away with abusing the kids again.
SS age 9 rode his bike to our home yesterday which is about 8 miles and he said he wants to live here and not at his moms.

Immediately we had him call his mom to tell her he is here and fine.

Bm flipped her lid and demanded we do the right thing and return him. Dh said he will not force his son. Cops came and bm and ss refused to go. Nothing the police could do.

Soon after the police left, ss informed us that his mom had put handcuffs on him. He showed us his wrists which were scratched and puffy lines. He also said look and showed us his arm where his mom grabbed him, the whole handprint on his arm!

I called human services to report the abuse and they said they will go to school in the morning and talk to ss. I asked for a call to let us know if we are to pick him after school.

Ss called here at 1pm and left a message saying he was going home to his moms! Nothing else! No calls from any adult!

My guess is that bm said she HAS to handcuff ss because he is Bi-Polar and it is to control him, I am so mad that it is apparent that nobody will allow us to protect our own kids.

Does anyone know anything we can do?

Do you think it is ok to handcuff a child for any reason?



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RE: Handcuffs- child abuse?
« Reply #1 on: Feb 02, 2005, 09:08:36 AM »
I am no lawyer and far from being perfect in advises but if the SS is 9 then , maybe he can testify in court that he wants to go live with dad ?

You have to teach him to call 911 or that if he runs away to run away to the police for protection, ..

Just some ideas


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