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Author Topic: single father fighting for custody  (Read 4678 times)

concerned partner

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single father fighting for custody
« on: Jun 15, 2006, 10:50:38 AM »
My bf has a one yr old whos bm has her,he is still proving paternity she has previosly lost 2 children to the state  in Wisconsin she was calling last minute for a couple weeeks for us to take her for the weekend she was investigated by SS and now denying any time with her
 first weekend we had her there  was dirt in diaper and filthy with no extra clothes no cold medicine and no medical card second weekend was dressed cold for weather and no cold medicine as of yet ( rattle chest cough both weekends) no card wanted us to pick her up in 15 minutes dirty both times no extra clothes at all second weekend just jammies she was in,  not even teething jel mom shows up to get her in jammies and skimpy shirts hickies all over looking very very dark under the eyes and like she just got up at noon on sunday
  any clues on what to do  besides keeping SS informed


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RE: single father fighting for custody
« Reply #1 on: Jun 15, 2006, 03:52:08 PM »
Sounds like BM really shouldn't be a mom at all. Your BF is going to have to hurry up and get paternity established. In MN, an unwed mother usually gets custody of the child. Since paternity is not established yet, the dad has NO rights whatsoever. Once paternity is established, your BF will have a child support order established and he'll need to make sure to request a specific parenting time schedule to go along with it. Then if mother doesn't abide by the court order, you can file a contempt motion or change of custody based on mother not keeping the best interests of the child, or endangering the child, or denying dad his parenting time, etc.  

Just keep the SS informed of anything that you think might be harmful for the child...and hurry up the process of getting paternity established and a hearing to set up child support/parenting time schedule.


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