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Author Topic: Parental Alienation by an Aunt  (Read 3590 times)


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Parental Alienation by an Aunt
« on: Jun 12, 2006, 10:00:02 AM »
It is hard to to explain this story but from what I know now is that my BF children are being alienated against him by his own sister for reasons that most would see as greed. All 3 his of children recieve SSI checks and the youngest has trust fund in wheres she gets paid monthly out of it for the care of the child and this turst fund also porvides a home. I can say this woman at one time was willing to move on and had house picked out but once she became aware that she may not recive her own SSI along with the monthly check she recieves from the trust fund she changed her mind in a matter of 48 hours. Also what is the saddest part is that his children don't want nothing to do with him bacause she made them afraid she may leave, told them demeaning things about thier dad, told the chidlren court dealings, and has competed against him by her being able to buy more for these kids. I am sure if some aware that a parent can not recieve SSI checks if he makes to much so this part I don't understand but she got some believing that he should be supporting them even though the 3 checks combined are more then what he makes month. Don't get me wrong if his children were without SSI checks he would be paying child support and that would be fined but that's not the case here. I wish it was for I do belive if all she was reciveing was just child support she wouldn't doing this for she couldn't support them on that alone. She has no job and not totally sure but has not recive SSI herself for fear if she does go get it it will look bad to the court to be not able to care for his children for she is very obese. health problems galore,not ever been married and has no children of her own. She has been granted gaurdianship under falseness and lies. We are trying to fight this but finding someoone who can say they children are alienated is not easy for it is expensive for an expert...any ideas?


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