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« on: Feb 02, 2005, 01:03:25 PM »
  Heres how today went,we sat outside the court room as my lawyer,her lawyer and the magistrate talked,my attorney came out and told us the hearings been continued until the GAL gets time to do her thing,(thank goodness),he said the magistrate thinks its best for the children to stay where they are until the hearing happens with the GAL recomendations,30 to 60 days from now,he said my wife agreed to this,(like she had a choice)so at least for the next month or two they're here with me.Its not the big win I was hoping for but im considering this another small victory for me and my two children,right now I'll take everything i can get.

    On a less happy note,my 15 year old son was there to testify against me,after the continueance was ordered I tried to speak to him about his grades and see if he was o.k..he backed away from me saying a few beligerant things and looking at me with a look of pure hate in his eyes that ive never seen before,I hate the thought of giving up on him but i really cant take being treated like a piece of dirt.He also had an attitude toward my mother who asked him if he needed anything,yelling at her "just what are you trying to imply",,,he's lost weight and looks pale as a ghost, i really think he needs a counselor too,to help him deal with the anger towards me and my family.A few months before I left the house he could tell what was up and begged me to wait until he was 18 to leave,I told him i couldnt promise anything with how bad things were going,i didn't tell him about his mother cheating on me,i didn't think he needed to hear this from me,he'll figure it out soon enough.

Stepmom0418 and MYSONSDAD i appreciate the words of encouragement and prayers,,,,good luck to all in messed up situations like this..


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« Reply #1 on: Feb 02, 2005, 01:15:33 PM »
Continuences can be an advantage at times. Glad they are under your roof. I will keep my fingers crossed the GAL sees the situation and acts on it.

About your 15 year old. He is hurt and acting out the only way he knows. And you were right. Now is not the time to fill him in on details of what happened. He will grow up some day and find out the truth on his own.

Just be the best dad you can be, things will fall into place...

"Children learn what they live"


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