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Author Topic: Texas victims  (Read 2175 times)


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Texas victims
« on: Jan 23, 2004, 09:14:46 PM »
Loose v. Texas update 1/21/04

On January 9, 2004, Jim Loose received a copy of an order from the Federal District Court for the parties in Loose v. Texas to go to Discovery and to produce a status report on the case. Since then he has met with attorneys in Tarrant County to organize the discovery procedures. The Texas Attorney’s General office participated by conference call.

The clear implication of all this is that Jim Loose has succeeded in requiring the Attorney General of the State of Texas to go to trial on the question of whether or not the Texas Family Code violates the U.S. Constitutional rights to due process and equal protection.
This is a tremendous accomplishment, but not a victory. Victory will be a federal judge issuing a declaratory judgment and requiring the Texas state legislature to draft a new Family Code which is consistent with the U.S. Constitution

Jim expects that a trial will occur approximately 12 to 18 months from now. Developments are happening rapidly. I expect to have very encouraging news to send out soon. In the meantime, please show your support in the following ways:
(1.) Forward this email to other parents who believe that the Texas Family Code is unconstitutional. Request that they send their email address to me so that they may receive future updates.
(2.) Volunteer as the webmaster for http://www.pepintexas.org. I own the domain name, but site is not currently active. I am currently developing an outline for content. I would like someone to volunteer to spend the time uploading content and maintaining the site.
(3.) Send me an email indicating whether or not you would contribute to a non-profit fund to support the effort of Jim and other parents fighting for their rights. Before I go to the effort of opening an account for a non-profit, I want to poll the level of support out there. Please answer the following:

Would you contribute to a non-profit fund to support this effort? Yes No
How much? $
How often? Once, monthly, quarterly, annually

Please reply to this email with your response. God bless you and your families. Pray for Jim and the other parents that the grace of the Holy Spirit can sustain and encourage them through the challenges ahead.

James T. O'Connor, President
Great Covenant Insurance Group, Inc.
Choices for Abundant Living
ph. 972-894-9050 fx. 972-894-9062


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