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Author Topic: Am I considering this objectively? Your thoughts please................  (Read 1284 times)


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I see on the news and on this board, countless times how custody is given to a mother based on charges on domestic violence.  Further, I read lunatics like Cindy Ross stating her phony baloney DV stats and facts.

Yet, the majority of cases I read and see are of mothers killing their children.  What are the stats on this phenomenon?  Why is this not brought up during custody battles.

Say a prayer for Devon tonight.  I can't imagine what this child must have gone through.


Mother Charged With Killing 8-Year-Old Son
Police Say She Locked Him in the Trunk of Her Car


Police say second grader Devon Gibson died from hyperthermia after his mother left him in her car's trunk while she went to work.   

SYLVA, N.C. (May 25) - A woman was charged with killing her 8-year-old son by keeping him locked in the trunk of a car while she was at work. Her lawyer says the boy was not restrained.

Devin Gibson was found dead Sunday. His mother, Michelle Joyce Gibson, 36, was charged Monday with second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and two counts of felony child abuse, authorities said. She was jailed in lieu of $100,000 bail.

A preliminary autopsy showed Devin died of hyperthermia. High temperatures during the weekend in nearby Asheville were in the 70s.

Gibson left her son in the car's passenger compartment, not the trunk, while she worked, said her appointed lawyer, Rangy Seago. He said the back seat in Gibson's car folds down to allow access to the trunk from inside.

Gibson worked as a certified nursing assistant at Mountain Trace Nursing Center in Jackson County. Seago said she left her post occasionally to check on her son.

"He was never restrained in the trunk away from the passenger area," Seago said. "I don't think he died being locked in the trunk. He could get out. All this trunk stuff is sensationalism. It's a sufficiently horrible tragedy as it is."

However, Jackson County Sheriff Jimmy Ashe said there is evidence that the boy was locked in the trunk. The last time anyone other than Gibson saw the boy alive was Friday night, the sheriff said.

After putting in a 17-hour day Saturday, Gibson returned to work at 7 a.m. Sunday, and about 4 p.m. told a co-worker she believed her son was dead, Ashe said. She returned to her apartment in Asheville, about 40 miles away, he said.

Asheville police found Gibson in the back seat of the car at the apartment complex, holding her dead son.

Gibson faces up to about 17 years in prison if convicted.

"She cries almost all the time," Seago said. "She's very grieved over the loss of her son. Here's a poor lady who's lost her child, and on top of that they come back and charge her with murder."

Police Gibson and Devin had been in and out of homeless shelters until a couple of months ago, when they moved in with friends.


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« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2005, 04:35:47 AM »
If this had been his father, everybody would be screaming bloody murder - rightfully so!

But oh wait, it's only the mom. She's a poor victim of this patriarchal society who now even lost her son. Let's feel sorry for her, and let her get away with it. Heck, let's give her an award for it!

She should be convicted as charged, with mandatory sterilization.

She did not HAVE to go to work. She could have gone back to the shelter.



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RE:and of course...
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2005, 10:30:22 AM »
the very fact that she left him in the car to begin with, whether it was the backseat or the trunk, is cause for prosecution, imho.

I don't feel sorry for her.  


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This reminds me of the case in California last year where a mother locked her child in the trunk while she went to bars.

I also resent that they feel the child was not restrained. Locked in a vehicle IS being restrained. And she works at a medical place, she should have known better. More medical knowledge then the average Joe.

I hope she gets the max on this, should be remainder of HER life in prison, or better yet, lock her in the trunk.

This child is dead, 17 years is not long enough.


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