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Author Topic: Fighting for the Boys  (Read 1061 times)


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Fighting for the Boys
« on: Nov 09, 2005, 10:15:42 AM »
Hey all. Just wanted to share what's going on around here. Some background:

Me & X divorced 2001, she got custody of our to boys, then 3 & 6, now 6 & almost 10. Since then, she's moved them 5 times. My oldest has changed schools 7 times.

Currently they are living with X's parents. She lives over 2 hours from them, I live 1 hour, the boys are in the middle.

I've been talking to a lawyer in the town where the divorce was (the boys still live in that county) and we set up a meeting for next Wed. to talk about the case! I'm going to fight for full custody, and the lawyer said he feels good about it, since she's basically abandoned them to her mother.

Now, I want to do as much as I can to make sure that I can get custody, is there any advice you can give me as to what else I should be doing? What really got all this started is last month she asked me if I wanted to take them, since she was getting pressured by her parents to move them in with her. She admitted that she couldn't afford for her to have them with her, and also that her schedule doesn't allow it. (she works in theatre construction, doing stages for plays and often has to work really late at night.)

Anyway, thanks in advance for all your help! I can't wait to let you know more about what happens.


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