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Author Topic: BSI International / Fatherhood Documentary in the works?  (Read 1593 times)


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BSI International, Inc. recently received a request for assistance from  Mr. Elihu Eli, one of our Contributing Editors to our quarterly international male parenting journal -- IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R).  Mr. Eli has developed a concept for a groundbreaking Fatherhood documentary which is designed to explore a myriad of issues related to Fatherhood and is searching for a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with which to form  a partnership/strategic alliance for the purposes of securing funding for his project.  The details appear below in Mr. Eli's communication.   Information and inquiries should be directed to Mr. Eli via e-mail at elihu.el@lmco.com.
Helli,  I want  you to join me in making a documentary.  Would you help me in securing funding for our project to develop a documentary on a serious social matter that has gone ignored far too long?  Social reform is a very old and timeless business that never ends.  We have all heard of the “Deadbeat Dad”, but we are hardly ever exposed to the parents whom are contributing positively to their children’s lives.  How often is good parenting expressed on television?  Responsible fatherhood is more than establishing paternity.  It also involves fathers being present in the child's life (even if divorced or unmarried), sharing economic support, and being personally involved in the child's life in collaboration with the mother.  It’s relatively easy to turn on the television to view scenes of crime, to learn about the latest drug on the street, being subjected to the latest meaningless fad, or any other negative influence.  What contextual force in the family and the community drives many to overcome challenges of the system to properly raise their children?  We often see images of less than admirable people being lead through the system based on their deeds.  The people are crying out for a larger scope of reality.  There are hundreds of thousands of outstanding parents whom are loosing the battle of raising their children.  Often the challenges are not drugs, crime, or poverty, but the family court and child support systems.  This will be the documentary of professionals and intelligent people telling their stories.  If you are inspired by penguins enduring the elements to raise their young, wait until the people view how parents are enduring hardship, financial adversity, suffering to simply have an influence in their children’s lives.  The system allows for children to be deprived, because one parent holds animosity towards the other.  Child support enforcement agencies operate inadequately by ignoring the needs of struggling custodial parents while simply raising the amounts for those committed parents to endure more financial suffering.  Many committed support paying parents often are assigned incorrect debt amounts with no avenue for due process.  Seizures of assets are done without due process or a single day in court.  We are frequently shown images of irresponsible lowdown parents going to jail for child support arrears, but educated professionals and athletes are not immune from improper and immoral imprisonment.  There are concerns of why the greater part of the prison population in America is made up of people of color and the majority of millionaires are not.  I know that imagery and neglectful legislation are strong contributors to that fact.  Many soldiers come home to unreasonable arrears that may lead them from being heroes to instant criminals.  Many parents whom do not receive child support unsuccessfully make attempts to simply receive their children’s support.  Knowing how most parents are praying and making the impossible happen is far more important than seeing a penguin walk 70 miles to mate.  Let us not forget how many athletes fall prey to the systematic abyss of creating children without long-term emotional or financial vitality that is adequate enough to effectively raise their children.  There are risks that are unique to athletes and entertainers whom have children.  Risks that may lead to imprisonment, dreadful reputations, and anguish if this documentary is not developed.  The majority of football, basketball, baseball athletes is minority, so the issues go unaddressed.  Most judges have absolute power in denying parenting privileges to a parent with little or no justification.  There is no accountability in courtroom decisions.  There are no cameras allowed in the courtrooms.  As we saw with the Katrina aftermath, there is a trend that exists of ignoring the plight of people who reside outside the spotlight of politics.  It should not take a devastating incident for us to address the hardships of parenting and surviving “The System”.  The incident of Katrina was horrible, but it wasn’t until the media took a stand and placed faces with misery and destitution.  There are just as many untold inspirational stories as there are horror stories.  Yes, there are horror stories.  Once Americans received a glimpse of the tragedy, the people demanded to see more.  Hearts, minds, and souls were instantly opened.  WE WANTED THE TRUTH.  WE CONTINUE TO DEMAND MORE OF THE TRUTH.  Our spirits could not proceed without moving towards positive change.  The same holds true with the project of parenting.  Once the media exposes America to the truth, there will be an overwhelming demand for positive change.   This documentary will promote equal rights and fair legislation for parents including the well being of children and increase the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed parents.  Should we be forced to wait 30 to 50 years or until those accountable have passed on before law makers admit that the system is inconsistent and flawed.  This documentary will allow YOU to effectively promote what has been proven for positive change in America: Educate, Equip, & Engage:
· Educating and inspiring all Americans, especially fathers, through public awareness campaigns, research, and other resources.

· Equipping and developing leaders of national, state, and community fatherhood initiatives through curricula, training, and technical assistance.

· Engaging every sector of society through strategic alliances and partnerships.

This documentary will act as a stimulus for future research, programming, and policy development.  

We have reserved production staff along with 2 narrator candidates and 3 honored writers.  It has been determined that in order to increase diversity, we are opting for three more writers.  If you have a particular artist in mind to add that special flavor to the project, please feel free to pass on the attached document.  We are also adapting nationwide marketing strategies our advertisers and supporters.  Thank you in advance.  I greatly look forward to hearing from you.  For production and accounting contacts, I may be contacted by dialing 240-252-0889 or simply e-mail eli_el@hotmail.com.

Best Regards,
Eli El

"Children learn what they live"


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