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Author Topic: Such a thing as too much therapy?  (Read 2148 times)


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RE: Questions about this
« Reply #10 on: Nov 15, 2006, 09:51:11 AM »
DH hadn't seen his daughter for a couple years prior to BM going to prison. We didn't even know anything was going on with BM and her going to prison until after his daughter went to live with the grandma. After we found out, he immediately started calling SD as much as possible.

SD didn't know DH at all since she was only 2 when he was pushed out of her life. SD was now 4 and had no memories of DH. So we thought DH should try to establish a relationship with his daughter before trying for custody. After the grandmother denied DH visitation, we went to court. It was ruled that SD would stay with grandma and DH would get 3 visits over a 3 month time pending a custody hearing when BM got out of prison (SD and grandma lived about 14 hours from us)

Well grandma frustrated that court order as well and we only got one weekend visit with SD (4 hours both days) So, after 2 years of not seeing his daughter, DH got to see her for 8 hours total. Before we made it to see SD again, BM got released from prison. She immediatly asked to go get SD.

She had a court order written up, stating that DH could have visitatition every other weekend and reasonable phone access. DH agreed to this so he could once again, try to establish a relationship with his daughter pending a full custody hearing. Well, it has now been a year and half and he hasn't seen his daughter in 6 months.

DH wants to go to therapy with his daughter but we can't find the therapist. We don't know her name and BM won't give it to us until he signs these papers. Of course she isn't answering her phone and she supposedly has a new lawyer but we don't know who. So right now we're stuck, until our contempt hearing on the 6th!


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