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Author Topic: Ex blocking access to kids  (Read 3847 times)


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RE: Ex blocking access to kids
« Reply #10 on: May 08, 2008, 09:08:42 PM »

Very unfortunately, it is not as unusual as one might think for a parent to be blocked from access to a child when the child (ren) are being abused.  Blocking court ordered access is criminal (see article on this site) and neglecting a child in this manner is also criminal.  The prosecuter in your jurisdiction is or should be required to prosecute these charges which it appears easy to prove up.  I'm not an attorney or anything but there are probably a host of criminal charges that could be brought.    

It is difficult to discuss these matters in brief.  IMO, the number one issue at his time is the welfare/recovery of the child and SHOULD BE REMOVED from the mother's influence/environment immediately.  

What I did in a somewhat similiar situation was retain legal counsel from outside the local jurisdiction ... the good ole boy not only protects the judiciary and attorneys but also the fabric of the community (ie the church).   A rule-of-law type attorney from another community that normally does not practice in the local commumity is far less likely to play patty-cake with everybody.  

Similiarly, it is utterly ridiculous the pastoral staff and / or church leadership tolerated this deplorable situation with a Sunday School teacher....hammer away.

No doubt the scars placed upon your little girl are substantial.


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RE: Ex blocking access to kids
« Reply #11 on: Oct 10, 2008, 03:09:18 PM »
First, remember that you are a human being with feelings and the right to NOT endure crap from petty, mentally unstable ex's.  You HAVE to make sure that you are taking care of yourself so that you can be "good" for your kids.  You are at an awful point in their lives.  If they treat you poorly, then more than likely they are being rewarded by their mom.  Sorry, but competing with that is pretty tough.  I would suggest that you make coming to your house equally rewarding.  I  AM NOT NOT NOT saying "buy" your kids, but plan things around what they like to do.  Casually "be" at places that they might be (without their mom).  Make your presence unavoidable but not awkward.  Let them know that you are the "calm in the storm".  They WILL see this, it just might take time.  Eventhough you have been doing this for a while, unfortunately you will probably be doing this until your ex is long gone.  They will come to you and have questions.  Just be a good source of positive information and wait.
good luck.
the best thing you can do is PRAY for them every night.


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