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Author Topic: Need everyone in this community to take a moment and write an email  (Read 1345 times)


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Credits to SallyandJack for this idea. I just mailed my letter. Regarding that custody battle for the twins in New York, apparently, the birth mom has a follow up hearing with the judge in 5 weeks.

I think we should all write letters of accomodation to the judge in this case for their strength and foresight. I'd hate to see the courts fold to the pressures of public opinions in five weeks. The judge needs to hear from our silent majority. Tell the judge your story.

It's your chance to be heard! WE FELLED DAVID AND GOLIATH for their tacky shirts. We can make a difference!

Hereis SallyandJack's post from the custody board


June 3, 2004
The Honorable Judge Goldberg
60 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10013

Email: David Bookstaver

SALLYANDJACK got an email response from the judge's office:

>here you go. he replied to me and said that my email was one of the more thoughtful ones and he was looking foward to passing it on to Goldberg. i am sure they are getting blasted by people who don't get it.
>David Bookstaver BOOKSTA@courts.state.ny.us


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