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Author Topic: Trial Held 12/16, under advisement  (Read 976 times)


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Trial Held 12/16, under advisement
« on: Dec 19, 2004, 09:41:11 AM »
We had our day in court on Thursday, and the judge took the evidence under advisement.

Here is a very brief run down.  We started custody modification on SS in Arpil because he had failed school for two years in a row (now going on three possibly). We went to court in August and the judge recessed until the psycologist could detemine whether or NOT SS had AD/HD.  

The psycologist report came out mid October that SS does NOT have AD/HD but she had a family doctor diagnosis SS with the disorder on October 1.  The first medication made SS sick for two days (Oct 4-5 he missed school).  BM took SS back to doctor on Nov 2 and doctor prescribed 2nd medication.  We found out about the meds and went to the doctors office on December 9th.  Doctor stated he would not give any more medication and we would have to get the meds already received by BM.  Following our visit BM took SS back to doctor and  the doctor diagnosed SS again with having AD/HD.

In court the pysocologist said SS does NOT have AD/HD and did not need medication and he has not had any contact with BM or the family doctor.

All in all I think the trial went well in our favor we should know hopefully on Monday what the judge decides.  The judge did say at the very end of trial:  "you have to know because of school don't you?"  This gives us a bit of hope that the change may happen since school would not be an issue if the change of custody was denied.

Please keep us in your thought and prayers that whatever is the best for SS will be the results of trial.



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