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Author Topic: Urgent help needed  (Read 753 times)


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Urgent help needed
« on: Jan 17, 2005, 08:04:20 AM »
I am on a mission to help a young father named Rick Tabish who is in a Nevada prison serving time for assaulting a man.  Rick has a new lawyer who has filed a post conviction motion that will prove he is innocent of this assault and the hearing is scheduled for January 28th.

Rick is due to be paroled on April 6, 2006 and was sentenced in 2000.  he has already spent six years in prison and the evidence presented in the last trial, dosen't even support the sentence he received.  Seven witnesses testified at Rick's trial that the alleged victim had no visible injuries, no lacerations, contusions or abrasions and his clothes had no dirt on them, nor were the clothes torn, or showed any sign of an assault.  Unfortunately once a person is convicted, the process to fight the legal issues is a slow process.

Rick's ex wife has been married twice since Rick's conviction in 2000 and has already changed the last names of his kids. She has now filed papers in court to sever his parental rights and allow her third husband to adopt Rick's kids.  She has not allowed Rick's parents, who are hardworking, well respected and church going Catholics to even see their grandchildren in over one year.

I am asking people take a few minutes and write Judge Joseph Bonaventure and support Rick. Please ask Rick's sentence be reduced to time served and he be granted parole so he can return to Montana and fight to keep his parental rights from being severed.

This young father is innocent and dosen't deserve to lose his kids, and neither do his parents deserve to lose their grandchildren.  Please take a few minutes while you are reading this message and email this Judge to support Rick.  sommerm@co.clark.nv.us ( Attention Judge Joseph Bonaventure)

I know Rick and his family will appreciate your support. Please say a prayer that this Judge reduces Rick's sentence and he can be reunited with his two small children. I know Rick well and he will support and take care of them, he just needs a second chance.  Please don't allow this chance to be taken away.  We need as many emails of support to be sent out as soon as possible

thank you


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