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Author Topic: I live in Texas and I have been issued a CSRP... What should I do?!!!!????  (Read 7501 times)


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First off, I want to give the biiiiiiiiiigest thank you's to all that responded to my last note. You guys were all oh so helpful and hopefully you can help me further on the next phase. Ok, I don't know if this is standard around the nation, or maybe just something that is Texas specific... but I have been issued a Child Suppourt Review Process Notice. They say that this will be conducted in a less formal environment, outside of the courtrooms and will be a way to negotiate something fair and binding in regards to money and custody before the courts have to get involved. I really don't mind paying a little more money, I just really want to get something worked out to where I can 1. Have joint custody of my child. I want legal and physical custody. I am stable and I have just as much right to my daughter as her mother has, and I am oh so capable of taking care of her. Hopefully this won't be a problem. 2. I don't mind giving her more money, but I just want it to be FAIR. Hopefully this can be arranged.

They are asking me to bring the following things

1.Current child support order (I don't have one)
2.Proof of any child support already paid (all I have are checks given to her that most likely will be considered gifts.)
3.Completed Health Insurance Availability Form (it's attached)
4.Most recent tax return, including @-2, 1099, and all forms and /schedules
5.The letter they sent
6.Photo I.D
7.Current paycheck stubs.

1. Do I really have to bring all that? I mean, it shouldn't be hard to round all that up, but seems like they asking for everything but my blood type.
2. Maybe a dumb question, but I should get a lawyer right? Kitty C I know how you feel about it already. lol. Looking but they so hard to find
3. If I sign on to a pre paid legal membership, are they good lawyers and will it come out cheaper? I'm thinking about doing it, but I don't know if it's worth it.
4. Should I reschedule... they say that you can do it... it's next week and I just found out this week... that's a quick turn around I think...

So yeah, I'm feeling a little bit better about being able to have a hearing outside of the courts that could maybe settle things, but before I get to happy I just wanted to know if this was common practice.... THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH


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That is the standard stuff they ask for. They are talking about mediation but I am surprised because here it is strickly by the numbers. Find out what you are suppose to pay according to the guidelines and do not agree to anything more. If you agree to a number then you just go in and both swear under oath and they put it in as an order. This sounds like it is ONLY for child support not custody.
If you do not have custody now you are probably not getting it...you can ask for JOINT that means you both have equal desicisons for school, health, etc...


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