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Author Topic: i need some info please to cover my butt  (Read 2508 times)


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i need some info please to cover my butt
« on: May 09, 2009, 12:28:37 AM »
i need some info please...ok,my ex left me a year and a half ago we have 2 children...so i came home to live with my brothers.we agreed that she would get the kids during school and i would get them on all their breaks.i would pay her 400 dollars a month or whatever i could afford.i only make 900 a month.we have not gone to court and are trying to avoid it if possible to make things easier on the kids.my kids right now go to year round school and dont have a summer vacation.so i have them on their track break which is 3 weeks,but when this school year is over their school is turning to a regular school with summer so who knows when ill get them again...now shes trying to take them back a week early cause she says that she never sees them during the school year because they go to school and she works.so what i need to know is does she legally have that right and also what is the percentage of child support a judge would make a father pay from his paycheck.
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Re: i need some info please to cover my butt
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2009, 08:49:59 AM »
we can't answer the CS question because each state is different.  BUT you can find that information on the web and figure it out yourself.
Sometimes "time with the kids" factors into the calculations and sometimes not.
Do you not have a final order outlining your kids' time with you?
You should be following that.
Any chance of moving BACK or much closer to the kids so you can be in their school district?


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