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Author Topic: Q: Getting a last name changed for a minor in Virginia  (Read 17205 times)


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Re: Q: Getting a last name changed for a minor in Virginia
« Reply #10 on: Apr 21, 2009, 02:17:41 PM »

In re terminating parental rights, sometimes this is in the best interests of the child clearly, sometimes it is not. More often, however, it's both good and bad....

.... Please, please be careful when discussing termination of parental rights.

Hello again to all who replied and thank you. Kitty - thanks especially for the clarification, the thread is about name change, and unfortunately believe I have my answer. Fact is, I can't even read this thread without getting teary eyed - its like a wound that never heals. But I will take time to add my thoughts on termination.

Just because a parent's rights have been terminated doesn't mean that the other parent (and child) have to completely shut that person out, does it? I mean, the fact that a parent doesn't have rights just means that they have no legal basis as a parent. Maybe one cannot file for custody, visitation time, etc. but why would this preclude going to a baseball game or birthday party? I know I have greatly simplified the scenario, and that most times parents who go to this extreme want absolutely no contact (and perhaps its justified), but does this necessarily have to be the case?
Just my thoughts. But again on the issue of the post - name change - I see that I'm probably fighting a lost cause. It's really sad that someone can do this and get away with it.


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