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Author Topic: Irratic Mother Issues ....  (Read 5222 times)


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Irratic Mother Issues ....
« on: Apr 19, 2009, 10:32:44 PM »
Looking for a reasonable attorney in Edmond, OK. Any suggestions?
  • Never been married, lived together in Edmond, OK
  • Share two children (2 yr and 4 yr)
    • Mother has two additional older children of her own
    • 2 yr old may not be biologically mine (I am on the birth cert)
    • 4 yr old is mine (I am not on the birth cert)
    • No other legal documents have been completed or filed
    Mother smokes weed and I suspect other drugs based on her irratic behaviours (strong mood swings, anger, etc). While broke up, but still living together, I caught the mother having sex with two other people in the livingroom with children in the next room sleeping. Afterwards when I kicked the people out and she attacked me. No charges were pressed against her. She continues with verbal abuse to the children and myself.
    Mother has moved out of the house with her 2 older children (who is left with grandparents and she tries to get me to take them).
    I have my (our) two younger children. I provide 100% care for them, mother does not want them and visits the children irregularily. And yet, she states that I will not ever have full custody.


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