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Author Topic: Support Enforcement on Tuesday/EX has hired prev counsel/Where do I stand  (Read 3164 times)


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On Tuesday I have an OSC/Enforcement for my EX wife to pay credit cards that she was ordered to pay on 03/03/09 still not paid. I also (per the MSA) requested pay stubs from her to prove her income is more than $1050 a month which is what she put on her I/E without any proof. The judge reminded her that she was signing that form with an understanding of penalty of perjury. He said that several times.

I also subpoened her current employer 2 times  for her wage records from her start date and they never complied with the subpoena. I will have to have the judge enfoce them to respond....

She was issued a Gavron warning in 2004 that she never complied with to become self sufficient, she worked in 2005 for$18.50 an hour and managed with this attorney to never have this information entered into her records.

She received her license in April of 2008 and has only been woking since November  08 and she says for 29 hours but she works more and she gets wages,tips and commissions that will continue to increase with the business.

Her attorney called to request my new I/E and I'm prepared to take it to the hearing...

What can I expect form her attoney,can I fight a continuance and have these ordered items enforced.

BTW, my ex informs me she is seeing a counsleor we chose 3 years ago on Wednesday and I informed her I dont agree with that counselor any longer and she can go on her own and pay for herslf.

I really want this to end,do I have a case against her now hired attorney etc....


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Has her attorney requested a continuance?


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