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Author Topic: Manipulating Step Mother must be Stopped !  (Read 4607 times)


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Manipulating Step Mother must be Stopped !
« on: Jun 08, 2009, 10:52:22 PM »
My Ex Husbands current wife is out of control and needs to be stopped ...

  • This woman has infiltrated my Daughters school by donating time in the office and has accessed my child's records and has even taken it upon herself to advise my daughter in the past about how she had the worst grades in the class and the advised by naming the child with the second worst grades in the class the report cards this woman accessed had not been distributed to me, my ex, or other parents ... Doesn't this information fall under the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act"
  • This woman refuses to have any dialog with me in regards to my Daughters well being and this all came about because one Fathers Day my daughter and came across some soap from the Middle East my ex. is a Christian Armenian born in Syria ... At 9:30 P.M. on that Fathers Day 3 years ago I received a knock on my front door by my Daughter advising me that she had to give back the soap because it was "bad" and Step Mom didn't want it in her home as my daughter was informing of this issue the Step Mother confronted me with " What kind of Christian are you and I should be ashamed of myself !"Upon finishing and leaving with daughter I called my ex. and asked " What the he** was going on ?He advised me that this particular soap was used by Muslims to clean the body before jihad ... If I had had the knowledge in regards to this soap I would have never bought or given it will be 3 years since this happend and this woman refuses to acknowledge or speak to me ."My Daughter is 10 and starting to go into puberty this woman is a pharmacist and has imformed my ex on the wonders of growth hormones and how they will make our daughter taller and slow down puberty ... I'm afraid of medicine that goes against nature our daughter falls into the average norms in regards to height and weight ... This is only the tip of the ice berg , I'm not bitter in regards to my divorce or my ex and I wouldn't feel the angst I feel about his wife ...I'm pushed into a corner and feel that this woman is threatening my childs welfare and my ex is not helping either and I don't know what kind of recourse I have to control her and keep him in control of her.Any thoughts or idea on how to do this in a civil manner and help ease the burden of my daughter would be greatly appreciated .


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Re: Manipulating Step Mother must be Stopped !
« Reply #1 on: Jun 09, 2009, 03:40:41 AM »
I'm not sure if you have proof that she has accessed other kids records, or if you're assuming that she did.  Ususally kids are quite aware of who has the best and worst grades in their class, so it may not have been what you think.  If you're sure that she is sharing confidential information about other students you should report it to the school.
Is she actually giving your daughter growth hormones?  That is a perscription, and a doctor would have to prescribe it to your daughter.  A pharmicist can't just give it out freely.
What is it that you want to happen with your child's step-mother? 


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