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Author Topic: x-wife is a drug user, when going to custody court can I...  (Read 996 times)


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I was contacting various people with whom I thought would write me letters stating how good a father I was from teachers, parks and Recreations, friends, even the local police chief, but I contacted one person who surprised me when I asked for a letter, she asked me for a favor and she would tell me alot.
     This person is my x-wifes aunt, but they are only 3 years apart in age...31/34. I asked what the favor was and she told me to find a phone #, I said ok simple enough, I knew the person she wanted to contact. After she called me back she told me everything about my x.

    We have been divorced for 6 years and I thought I was the problem and I have been depressed for years over this whole thing, until yesterday. I find out my x cheated on me. ok weight lifted off my shoulders and I feel better knowing it wasn't me, no biggie I know.
   Well she also told me that my x was also into cocaine again. (she was a user before I met her and she quit the drug when we got together cause I wouldn't tolerate it) So that explaines her recent change of behavior. changed her hair, got back with old friends, really bad mood swings and temper issues, as well as letting her home go. (I mean not cleaning like she used to, she used to be a neat freak) Ok here is the question

    Can I, when going before the judge, ask for manditory drug testing for both parents? I have nothing to hide but I want to be fair in every way so that is why I said both parents.

   thanks in advance,


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RE: x-wife is a drug user, when going to custody court can I...
« Reply #1 on: Oct 13, 2005, 08:01:32 PM »
You can ask for anything, however, when DH and I asked for drug testing for BM our attorney told us that the court almost never will grant the request without physical evidence ie. DUI, CPS involvement, previous rehab, etc.  I would call CPS and if you can get the aunt to, that would be even better and she can call without giving up her identity, if she won't you NEED to.  If something happens to your child and CPS has any clue that you knew and did nothing, you can lose your child too.  I am sorry about your X she sounds like a mess, I hope now you can forgive her and you and move on...


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