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Author Topic: Who can we wrtie to since state attorney can't re-open sex offender minor victim  (Read 1620 times)


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My husband's bio-son was five whne sexually abused by the child's 14 y/o older half brother (neither parent were home at the time, although mom was supposed to be). Poice were call and the older half child was adjudicated until age 21 in juveluile facilites.(whic is supposed to be next March 2011). Last December 2009, the kid in his half way house arrested for theft assault, etc.  mom bailed him out and living with mom and the victim. I hav been, along with my husband that the stepson had slid nonstop since-- writing porn stories in classes, suspended for three days in school for grabbing nothr boys genital, setc. &no one thinks anything's wrong.
We;ve contacted the master in charge of the chance, adn wws told it was closed (the state
a attorney attempted to reopen it but was denyed), worte congressman, newpapers, contacted school (I've began volunteering, mom changed hr email, hom phone, work,etc, so we can't contact her and didn't see the child until last week.
When we wrote Dept of Juvelie Services, they said even though we are biioparents of the vitims we have no right to see the file ecause the abser was a juvenile.minor....can anyone help cose this loophole-- we live in Baltimore MD?
We have a mediateion case on OCtober 5th, and opted for the sheriff to serve her (the deadline is (9/14) ut have had no luck) in addition, she' suing a tenager adn her dad for $30K each for a fenfer bender-- we conctacted the defendendants adn tld tehm we have the trasnsripts that she was on wrkman's com for 18 months before for the ome infjury, so we doubt that a fender bender at a red light caused $32,000 in bills (cliaming she only missed two day of work).
My big ? is how to we contact Dept of Juvennile Service to gt copies of the abuser's records- I would think since we are the vistim's arents, we should be bale to see them, but are consctantly denied. Any suggestions or form letters would be greatly apppreciated.
You can as well be able to contact me ast mortuarygirlz@ mortuarygirlz@yahoo.com


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What state are you in?  Each state has different laws.
But if the State Attorney General can't reopen the case, I don't think you have much of a chance.


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