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Author Topic: Help with divorce / DHR involvement in case with Dimentia patient  (Read 9381 times)


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I am looking for advice in a divorce case between an abusive husband and a very frightened wife.  Living in the same household for 2 years now while attorneys find more and more reason to drag the case out. I am the care give and am also under attack daily form the husband in this diviorce.  I am the son who is also the caregiver and after a series of domestic violence problems with my father my mother filed for divorce.  Her attorney has more than anything else just shuffled paper. 

My mother does have some moderate dimentia and is terrified of my father due to him hiting her on 4 different times in which the cops were called to the house.  Her attorney has turned it all into focusing on the financial aspect of this case. (MY father has transfered all monies into both of my sisters names, in order o prepare for putting my mother in a nursing home.)  I refused to allow him to put her into a nursing home and have spent 4 years and my entire savings to help my mother with this.  The attorney was given a retainer of $5000 and has only taken us into the physical court room twice now for all of 1 minute each time.

 There was a competancy hearing, but the judge ruled in her favor because I was able to obtain a written letter from her physician saying see did not have alzheimers.  Every order that was given has been ignored by my father at this point.  He continues to verbably abuse my mother every chance he gets and has taken all money despite the order to not alter any accounts.  Given this information, my mothers attorney has done absolutely nothing to help that situation.  I am now permantantly disabled due to a recient hospitalization and cannot continue to support all that I have been. 

Her lawyers advice was to, come to his office and see him.  I almost feel as if my father has somehow gotten in with this attorney and paid him off.  Rather he has or not, the longer she is here the worse things are going to get.  and the more terrified my mother is going to be.  My latest thought is to call DHR tel them about the situation and put it in their hands.  Or maybe do a gardianship and then file a suit againt my father for my mothers half of the money they joinlty shared for years. 

Help me I need an answer, are there free attorneys or legal associations I can contact for help.  I am still very ill and if I relapse into my illness I will die so I have to do something fast.  Not to mention my mother needs to live a life free of fear and not in some nuring home


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