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Author Topic: Insurance question  (Read 7257 times)


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Re: Insurance question
« Reply #10 on: Mar 01, 2011, 12:25:01 PM »
I guess I look at it differently maybe. Maybe I'm wrong. Right now SS is on TNcare. Let's assume with DH getting the insurance that TNcare is going to pay all copays and what is left over. That leaves dad paying 50 a week for pretty much nothing (his insurance would never be used really). Mom is getting off scottfree not having to pay anything medical. Since mom "demands" that he stay on TNCare, why not just leave him there and have the judge order it that way (that is how it was in MY case previously)?

I just can't see DH paying all that money for insurance that isn't going to be used.


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Re: Insurance question
« Reply #11 on: Mar 01, 2011, 03:56:28 PM »
But why should "I" pick up the tab?
Dad's insurance will be used because by law (I'm betting), it will be required to be used first before any state program.
Then TN picks up the rest.
And ultimately as a tax payor, I pick up the tab for the TN state insurance?
The upside is that DAD will know where she took the child because DAD will get the EOBs or Dad can track it on-line.
Sure Mom doesn't have to pay co-pays, but neither does Dad.
Just playing devil's advocate -- K?  'cause I don't live in TN, I live in AL.
But the philosophy is similar......


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Re: Insurance question
« Reply #12 on: Mar 01, 2011, 10:04:29 PM »

you know. THAT actually brings up a question in my mind.

because when I read your response, I thought "WHY NOT?"

Why can't mom apply and get the child qualified based on HER situation?

When you read the guidelines, and they're all gonna say it a bit differently, ....  I would think that it's meant for either home, separately.

So if MOM qualifies -- she should be able to get that for the child.

And then Dad gets what he can for insurance, and THEN the two insurances work together to work it out.

Bloom -- in your case, since Dad is active duty -- there should be 100% coverage for the child anyways.   And if that's how dad is interpreting the rules, be sure to send the notification certified returned receipt or something that hold TN accountable down the road to NOT come after dad.

SD is in MI. But DH did send 2 seperate letters to them in the last 12 months, asking them to reply. One with tracking. He got nothing back...But, DH IS letting them know, so they don't come after him later. SD has co-pays (since she doesn't live primarily with DH), but DH is COed to pay those and all uncovered expenses, so there is NO reason for BM to have SD on Medicaid. BM hasn't even been using the Medicaid lately, so I don't know why she is still on it.
Back to OP-I fully believe that if a parent can AFFORD insurance, then they should provide it. If you all can afford the cost for insurance for SS, then do it. Any insurance is used as primary insurance prior to Medicaid paying the rest.
As for the taxes, I would think if your DH is the only parent providing for SS (CS, insurance, extras, etc), then I feel that he may be able to win claiming SS if BM does not work. HOWEVER, I would include in there that BM needs to provide copies of her W-2's by a certain date each year to prove that she earned an income. I'd also put in there that your DH should get a copy of the taxes or that DH is allowed to contact the employer(s) listed on the W-2(s) to verify (to show that the W-2's were forged...There are templates for W-2s on the Microsoft website, so it'd be easy to forge them).


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Re: Insurance question
« Reply #13 on: Mar 02, 2011, 06:48:39 AM »
We go to court this coming Tuesday and I will let you all know happens. Thanks for all the comments and advice.


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